Vishnu Temple

This relatively isolated temple is located midway to Vittala Temple from Kamalapura. This large temple is made of granite including the tower, a notable deviation from the rest of the temples in Hampi. The whole temple stands on an elevated platform.

A fluted base followed by the pilasters at regular intervals forms the outer profile of the temple walls. Usually Hindu temples, especially the large ones, are carved with many godly themes on the exterior wall, on the parapet and the tower. But for the icons carved on the door lintels, a few lotus pot motifs and the Yali faces protruding around on the tower, the exterior of the temple is devoid of any carvings.

Another interesting structure is the brick towered shrine built on a boulder just next to the above temple. This shrine fully built with brick and mortar spots many ruined stucco images on it. The whole theme looks a bit more like a Jain temple than a Hindu temple.

You need to navigate through some privately owned plantations to reach the temple area. The temple is located a bit south of Ahmed Khan's Mosque .

Vishnu Temple  
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