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For some curious reasons, this temple dedicated for Lord Siva was built many meters below the ground level. For this reason, almost all the time the sanctum and the core parts of the temple are under water, restricting entry to the inner areas.

Underground Shiva Temple

Underground Shiva Temple

A water canal system too is visible around the main temple. But this canal is dry and you can walk down to a point from where it’s impossible to go further. There is a small temple for Siva’s consort too near the mail shrine. The Kalyanamantapa (ceremonial marriage hall) is a great looking structure. It has been believed that this is one of the oldest temples in Hampi.

View of the main hall in front of the shrine. The main tower too can be seen Your entry to the temple passes through the main tower in front of the temple campus. It looks like this tower was an addition done later on and was never completed. A series of wide large steps along the axis of the tower and the sanctum leads you to the inner part of the temple. The main hall in front of the shrine is huge with massive cubical pillars supporting the roof. The lamppost actually protrudes through the roof. Depending upon the water level you may be able to proceed to the sanctum area.

There is a beautiful lawn built around the temple. Usually a less crowded location, the outside (and to some extend the top portions) of this temple you can survey by going around this lawn.

The Underground temple is located somewhat close to the main road (to Hampi bus station) and near the Noblemen’s Quarters. A byroad going towards the Hazara Rama Temple passes through this area.

No admission fee. Reserve about 30 minutes to explore the temple. Temple closes in the evening. A man sells soft drinks and bottled water usually setup his kiosk in front of this temple. Otherwise you would not find any such stalls in this locality.

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