At Bhima's Gate in Hampi, there is fantastic image of Brima retuning with Saugandhika , the celestial flower Draupadi desired.

During their exile life, Pandavas the five hero brothers and Draupadi, their wife, arrived at Badarikashrama. When Bhima, the strongest of the five, and Draupadi were moving in Badarikashrama forest, considered as a sacred place, a beautiful and fragrant flower called Saugandhika fallen near Draupadi's feet. Charmed by its beauty and fragrance, Draupadi deeply desired more and Bhima set out in search of the celestial flower.

After many adventurous episodes with wild beasts and demons, Bhima ended up at Gandhamadana Hill where he found a pond full of Saugandhika flower. The garden and the pond belonged to Kubera, the lord of Wealth.

One of the interesting events was Bhima's encounter with Hanuman. He took the form of an aged monkey and lied across Bhima's path. Bhima asked Hanuman to move, ange give way for him. For which Hanuman responded he is too old to move and requested Bhima to move his tail to make way. Bhima tried hard, but could not lift Hanuman's tail!

Now realizing it was Hanuman, he apologized to Hanuman asked him to narrate Rama’s glory.

Hanuman blessed Bhima and he continued his way searching for Saugandhika flower, which he found in Kubera's Garden. This was protected by demons called Maniman and Krodhavasha. After a fierce battle, Bhima slays the guards and return to Draupadi with Saugandhika flower.

There is a panel at the base of the Bhima's Gateway depicting Bhima's return with the flower; and the reason why the gateway is named after Bhima! (see also Mythology of Hampi)

Bhima at Hampi

Bhima at Hampi holding Saugandhika flower and club . See Mythology of Hampi for the narrative

Bhima at Hampi. Located near Bhima's Gateway on the way to Vittala Temple from Kamalapura. See Mythology of Hampi for the narrative Image taken from Bhima's Gateway depicting Bhima returning with the celestial sougandhika flower which Draupadi, the wife of the five brothers, desired. This is located at the base of the Bhima's Gateway (see site 4 in Hampi Map) . See also the episode narrating Bhima's adventure in getting this flower.


Mythology of Hampi

Hindus treat Hampi as a sacred land. According to the folklore, a number of mythical events are associated with Hampi. Your understanding of what you see at Hampi would be greatly enhanced if you have some clues about the Hindu mythology and its themes.


Gods of Hampi

Lord Virupaksha may be presiding deity of Hampi, but the monkey warrior Hanuman steals the limelight.  Hampi presents a typical cross-section of the religious moorings of India.Hindu icons with its pantheon of gods dominate this vast site.


Ramayana in Hampi

Hampi has a phenomenal number of attractions believed to be associated with Ramayana, the Hindu epic.


Footprint carving in Hampi

Religions of Hampi

The far end of religious history of Hampi somehow morphs into mythology.The significant events narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayana (believed to have originally composed in 1st century BC) is believed to have happened in the settings surrounding Hampi.


Krishna steeling cloths of the Gopis . Image from Pattabhirama Temple

Krishna Stealing Cloths

The story of Krishna stealing cloths of the bathing cowherd girls.Perhaps no other epics has dealt with such mischievous themes like the ones played by Lord Krishna.


Origin of Hampi’s Boulders

Those finally end up in Hampi invariably wonder how on earth such a landscape got created! Well, you have two choices to find a solace: one in geology and the other in mythology!


Story of Narasimha

The Hindu mythology has a tale of Narasimha’s origin.