This fortified area had been the seat of power of the fallen empire. Sprawling over many hundreds square meters, Royal Enclosure is scattered with a number of interesting relics of the bygone era.

The most imposing structure in this area is the Mahanavami Dibba or the Dussehra Platform or the ‘House of Victory’
King’s Audience Hall or the 100 Pillared Hall is located within the enclosure in the northwest area.
Stepped tank is located in the southeast area.

Adjacent to this is another tank used as a bathing area. Further at the southwest corner is another huge swimming pool style tank (now empty) is located.

The underground chamber is located somewhere between the King’s Audience hall and the Stepped Tank.

Horse trainer Apart from these the Royal enclosure area is doted with numerous relics of buildings, crisscrossing aqueducts supplying water to these water bodies etc. Practically the royal enclosure area is a wide-open ground with little shelters inside. A good amount of walking is required to move from one spot to another. Vehicles, including bicycles has to be parked outside this area. Try to visit in the evenings or early mornings, as you need at least an hour to roam in this area.

Admission is free and photography allowed. The road going towards east from the Underground Shiva temple finally makes a bifurcation, a left turn (towards north) would lead you to the Zenana Enclosure and the right turn (southward) take you to the Royal enclosure area. These localities are somewhat plane and are well connected with a network of roads (mostly dusty though).

Royal Center Map

Royal Center Map

Map of Hampi showing attractions in Royal Center Map like the Royal Enclosure,Lotus Mahal, Zenena Enclosure, Hazararama Temple, Queen's Bath, Basement of Palaces etc.


Kamalapura Bus Station


Kamalapura is a busy small village located at the southern fringe of the Hampi ruins.In fact you will be visiting Kamalapura as some of the major attractions are located here.

Domed Gateway

This is the only surviving gateway structure to the citadel with domical structure above it , and hence the name.Though it no more functions as a gateway to anything, this is a beautiful and well preserved structure in Hampi.

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari

This is a state run (KSTDC) hotel in Hampi.From a budget point , this hotel can be in the called a mid range hotel.

Rockcut Shrine

Rockcut Shrine near the Queen's bath, is a small but unique site in Hampi.

Parshwanatha Temple

Parshwanatha Temple is located in the Royal centre are of Hampi.Visit it along with the Srinagarada Hebbagilu.

Water Pavilion

Water Pavilion

Devi Shrine in Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple

Malayavanta Raghunatha Temple

From a religious and mythological point Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple in Hampi is very significant. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Raghunatha (Rama).