Navabrindavan, near Hampi, is of importance to the followers of the saint Sri Raghavendra. The Brindavan (sacred tomb) of the saint is located in a small island formed by Tungabadra , a bit east of the Anegondi village. This place is highly sought after by the pilgrims and is treated with reverence.

The island is also home to the tombs of 8 other saint associated with the sect, hence the name Nava Brindavan (Nava means nine).

There are two ways to reach Nava Brindavan.

From Hospet reach Talarighata gate ferry at the fringes of Hampi ruins. Anegondi village is located across the ferry. Nava Brindavan is about 2 kilometers from this ferry point.

Alternatively those who are approaching from Gangavathi can reach Anegondi by bus. And then take a local ferry to the island.