The one structure that needs a special mention inside the Zenana Enclosure is the Lotus Mahal. Or rather this is the highlight in Zenana Enclosure.

The style of it is a pleasant departure from the typical architecture you see in Hampi. The exact function of this is not surely known. Located inside the Zenana enclosure, most probably this was a socializing area for the women folks in the royal family.

Also known as Chitrangani Mahal and Kamal Mahal, this falls under the secular or nonreligious categories of structures in Hampi. It’s peculiar to note that this is one of the beautiful structures that were left undamaged during the siege of the city. However there are some signs of mutilations on a few sculptures placed on the outer surface.

Unlike the other major structures in Hampi, this is made out of lime mortar and brick made composition.

The shape of the structure is what brought it the name. The archways and the balcony with the domed construction resemble a half opened lotus bud. Also is the lotus bud shape carved on to the center dome.

Basically this is a two storied structure with an open base floor the sidewalls are having tall arched windows. The upper floors have balconies with arched windows. Hook like structures are made on to the wall close to the windows to hang curtain. The arches of the ground floor are recessed and ornate. The decorations and architecture is a curious mix of Hindu and Islamic styles. Lotus Mahal's Islamic style arches and the Hindu style multiplayer roof and base structure are often quoted for the ingenuity of the Vijayanagara artisans.

The night illumination is a spectacular sight. Undoubtedly this is a very photogenic and one of the most photographed buildings at Hampi. There is a large lawn made around the Lotus Mahal.

If you are tempted, a catnap on the lawn under the tree shade is allowed!

Lotus Mahal in Hampi

Lotus Mahal

The Lotus Mahal, located inside the Zenana (Women's quarter) is one of the most beautiful secular structures in Hampi

Royal Center

Guards Quarters

Guard's Quarters is located right next to the Elephant Stable.This probably was a ceremonial building due to its finely made arches, verandah and the open courtyard surrounded by a pillared cloister.

Srinagarada Hebbagailu

The local name 'Srinagarada Hebbagilu' literally means the Beautiful Gateway.Standing at the northeast corner of the royal area, this was one of the main entrance points to the inner core of the capital.


Yellamma Temple

Also Known as Pattanada Yellamma, this temple is dedicated to the guardian deity of the Vijayanagara city.The temple is still in active worship as it has been during the days of the Vijayanagara capital.


Elephant Stable

One among the few least destroyed structures in Hampi, Elephant Stable is a major tourist attraction.This long building with a row of domed chambers was used to ‘park’ the royal elephants.

Zenena Enclosure

Zenana enclosure was a secluded area reserved for the royal women. This walled harem houses many interesting highlights. The major attraction is the Lotus Mahal located at the southeast corner.


Pan Supari Bazaar

During the imperial days of Viyjayanagara this was a royal street that led to the palace.Much of it is ruined.

Royal Center Map

Map showing the monuments and other attractions around the Royal Center of Hampi ( See also : Areas of Hampi).