Kamalapura has a few attractions like the Archeology Museum and the Pattabhirama Temple complex. There are two good hotels in this village on the outskirts of the Hampi site.

Kamalapura is a busy small village located by the highway side at the southern fringe (4km from Hampi Bazaar) of the Hampi ruins. You will be visiting Kamalapura as some of the major attractions are located here.


The Archeological Museum located near the village square and the sprawling Pattabhirama Temple complex, a bit east of it.

You can practically walk (1km) to the edge of the Royal Center area (like Queen's Bath) from Kamalapura village.

As you are about to reach Hampi from Hospet, the local bus pass through a bund (embankment) with a large tank on your right side. This man made tank was the primary reservoir catering to the aquatic structures you can see in and around the Royal Center.

Apart from these two Kamalapura has a number of old temples still in active worship. For example the Nagaresvara Temple and the pre-Vijayanagara fortifications around it worth a visit. The fort is peculiar with its circular bastions (now almost in a decayed condition). The gateway to the fort spots large bas-reliefs of Gandabherunda, believed to be the official insignia of early Vijayanagara kings.

From Kamalapura you can visit attractions like Bhima’s Gateway , Ganagitti Temple., Malayavanta Raghunatha temple and Vittala Temple.

Hotels in Kamalapura

Kamalapura is the area outside the religious inner core area of Hampi. Non-vegetarian cuisine - and chilled beer too!- is served (legally). That's unlike the guesthouses around Hampi village where non-veg food and alcohol is not permitted.

Kamalapura is just 4km away from the core of Hampi's religious attractions and walkable to the Royal citadel area. That relatives closeness makes Kamalapura an ideal base location than Hospet (13km from Hampi), for those looking for better accommodations than the basic guesthouses of Hampi village. You'll need arrangement for local transport.

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneswari , the state run (KSTDC) 3 star hotel in Hampi is located in Kamalapura.

Opposite to the Museum is the Clarks Inn, an upscale hotel around this with an indoor swimming pool and other amenities. The Kamalapura Archaeological Museum is right across the road.

You can book these two hotels through booking portals like travelguru.com, yatra.com, tripadviser.in etc. Additionally Mayura Bhuvaneswari can be booked through KSTDC's official portal (www.kstdc.co/mayura-hotels/) also.

Varsha Lodge on the main road, opposite to the Kamalapura bus stand is a budget traveler type lodge.

There are two ATMs (Axis Bank and State Bank of India) in the same building. These are the only ATMs in the vicinity of Hampi.

Sai Baba Lodge is another budget traveler lodge next to Varsha Lodge.

Take the diversion at Kamalapura village square to reach the upscale resort near Hampi - Evolve Back ( Orange County,Hampi). The resort is 5 km from Kamalapura.

The road to Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary (16km) starts from Kamalapura.

Also Kamalapura has the only fuel station near to Hampi. This is on the main highway, a little away from the diversion to Hampi village.


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