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Hospet (officially Hosapete) is your gateway town to the Hampi ruins.

Most of the long distance state operated buses for Hampi terminates at Hospet bus station (KSRTC bus station).So is the Hospet railway station (station code:HPT ).

Four pairs of express trains pass through Hospet. Hampi Express connecting Banglore & Hubli and the Vasco da Gama Express (Amaravati Express) connecting Vasco da Gama (for Goa) & Vijayawada are popular choices of Hampi tourists.

If you are not able to get a direct train to Hospet,  explore for a connection either from Hubli or Guntakal. Guntakal Junction is about 115km east of Hospet. There are quite a good number of long distance express trains pass via Guntakal.

In contrast to the Hampi ruins site, Hospet offers a range of hotel options (see Hampi Hotels , Hospet Hotels and Luxury Hotels in Hampi) . If you expect a reasonable luxury stay (of course with respect to Hampi’s standards), Hospet is the place for you to set the base camp. Most of the hotels are located around the main road that connects the railway station to the bus station. Also Hospet has a number of ATMs and banks.

Apart from the above, Hospet doesn’t have any tourist attractions of significance. Of course the unique Anantashayana temple of Anantashayana Gudi is located at the eastern fringe of this town, on the way to the Hampi ruins.

Krishnadevaraya, one of the famous kings of Vijayanagara, built Hospet in 1520 AD in honor of his queen Nagala Devi. Historically Hospet was a gateway to the city of Vijayanagara. None of the old fortifications at Hospet is not traceable now though.
Railway connection map for Hospet and location of Hampi

HospetTrains via Guntakal

Trains via Guntakal

Guntakal Junction (Station Code : GTL) in Andhrapradesh is an important railway junction. The busy railway route connecting the southern cities with the northern and central cities pass through Guntakal Junction. Hospet , the nearest railway station for Hampi is about 3 hours travel from Guntalkal. In fact the Hospet... MORE ➜

MOREHow to reach Hampi ?

How to reach Hampi ?

There are good road and rail connections from Hospet to a number of major towns and cities around this part of India. Traveling to Hampi by Train:  Some of the long distance express trains pass via Hospet. There are a few passenger trains that connects  Hospet with nearby cities. If you... MORE ➜



This map details the location of Hampi in Karnataka, India. This web site has many maps on the Hampi ruins site. You may be also interested in Distance to Hampi from various places.   For maps on the Hampi ruins site see Access maps for Hampi    

HospetHubli to Hospet to Guntakal

Hubli to Hospet to Guntakal

A general train time table for the trains passing through Hospet Jn is attached here. Most of these trains pass through Hubli and Guntakal , your major connection point for onward journey. [table caption="Guntakal (GTL) to Hospet (HPT) Timetable " width="100%" colwidth="75|150|50|50|10|10|10|10|10|10|10" colalign="center|center|center|center|center"] Train No, Train Name , Dep. (GTL),... more ➜

HampiTour Plan

Tour Plan

We have been receiving many emails asking for travel advises and other travel related enquiries from people who are planing to visit Hampi. hampi.in is not a commercial website to offer such services. Our knowledge on the competitive and ever evolving travel & tour business is limited to provide a... more ➜

HospetMumbai to Hampi

Mumbai to Hampi

There are only two direct trains from Mumbai to Hospet (the railway station for Hampi). The Ajmer-Bangalore Garib Nawaz Express and the Jodhpur-Bangalore Express connects western India with Hampi. Both are weekly trains. In other words you've two direct trains to travel from Mumbai side to Hampi. See the Garib... more ➜

HospetBangalore to Hospet

Bangalore to Hospet

There are quite a few trains for Hospet from various cities. The most sought after option first. There is a night train from Bangalore to Hospet , the Hampi Express. This is the convenient means to travel from Bangalore to Hubli, via Hospet. Book your ticket for Hospet Junction (HPT)... more ➜

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