The first thing comes to mind on seeing this temple, or more precisely its walls, is the locally popular comic strips of Hindu mythology, Ramayana. But the difference is, the stories are carved, in long arrays, onto the walls of this temple.

This is not a huge temple by Hampi’s yardstick. But this temple at the heart of the royal area has some peculiarities. Firstly it had been functioning as a private temple for the king, or at the most, the royal family. The importance of this temple can be judged from its nodal location in the royal area. Your paths to various locations within the citadel concur at a corner of this temple.

Probably this is the only temple in the capital with its external walls decorated with bas-reliefs mentioned above. And the temple got its name Hazara Rama (a thousand Rama) Temple owing to this multitude of these Ramayana panels on its walls.


A sprawling lawn located at the north of this temple is an easy landmark you can spot from a distance. The dusty path that connects the Royal Enclosure with the Zenena Enclosure passes along the temple courtyard. Also the path from Danaik’s Enclosure and Underground Shiva Temple joins this path at its northeastern corner.

So any itinerary you chalk out for this area, you would come across this temple in one way or other. Look for the signpost installed in front of the temple, across the path, can give you direction to the Pan Supari (Beatle nut) Bazaar. This northeast oriented trail from the temple courtyard pass through a packed but shattered cluster of structures. These associate shrines, pavilions, lampposts and the likes once decorated the main path to the temple. You go further a little along the same trail to reach the sunken Pattanada Yellamma Temple and the Ranga Temple beyond it.


Goddess shrine in Hazara Rama Temple

Shrine of the Goddess in Hazara Rama Temple complex

Shrine of the Goddess in Hazara Rama Temple complex

Royal Center

Pan Supari Bazaar

During the imperial days of Viyjayanagara this was a royal street that led to the palace.Much of it is ruined.

King’s Audience Hall

The elevated platform located in the northwest corner in the royal enclosure is the audience hall used by the Kings.Sometimes this is referred as the Durbar Hall.

Royal Enclosure

This fortified area had been the seat of power of the fallen empire. Sprawling over many hundreds square meters, Royal Enclosure is scattered with a number of interesting relics of the bygone era.


Large Stone Trough

This unusually long slender piece of rock is lying just outside the King’s Audience Hall.Your - by now ruins fatigued - eyes could easily miss this casual looking rock object in its gray-brown surroundings.

Yellamma Temple

Also Known as Pattanada Yellamma, this temple is dedicated to the guardian deity of the Vijayanagara city.The temple is still in active worship as it has been during the days of the Vijayanagara capital.


Water Tank

Water Tank located inside the Royal Enclocure


Treasury Building

Treasury Building is located inside the Zenana enclosure.