Hampi photo album


Hampi Photos album

A Forgotten Empire Chapter 10

His character and person ~~ Bankapur ~~ Almeida and Fr. Luis's mission ~~ Duarte Barbosa ~~ His description of the city ~~ The king's early wars ~~ Kondapalle ~~ Rajahmundry ~~ Kondavid ~~ Udayagiri ~~ Wars of the Qutb Shah of Golkonda in Telingana.

A Forgotten Empire Chapter 15

Destruction of Vijayanagar (A.D. 1565)
Arrogance of Rama Raya ~~ Ahmadnagar attacked ~~ Muhammadans combine against Vijayanagar ~~ The league of the five kings ~~ Their advance to Talikota ~~ Decisive battle, 1565, and total defeat of the Hindus ~~ Death of Rama Raya ~~ Panic at Vijayanagar ~~ Flight of the royal family ~~ Sack of the great city ~~ Its total destruction ~~ Evidence of Federici, 1567 ~~ Downfall of Portuguese trade, and decay of prosperity at Goa.

Subterrain Granaries

A Forgotten Empire Chapter 17

The Story of Barradas (1614)
Chandragiri in 1614 ~~ Death of King Venkata ~~ Rebellion of Jaga
Raya and murder of the royal family ~~ Loyalty of Echama Naik ~~
The Portuguese independent at San Thome ~~ Actors in the drama ~~
The affair at "Paleacate." ~~ List of successors ~~ Conclusion.

Kerala to Hampi

Kerala to Hampi or vice versa essentially involves multiple connections.There are no direct connections from any of the major towns in Kerala to Hospet, which is the nearest railway station for Hampi.

Two storied gateway at Hemakuta Hill


Hampi is photogenic.

Bring your camera along and you won’t regret the trouble.

The green wet planes, the small steep boulder hills, the extravaganza of stone architecture, the life around it all are rich in content for photography.


Royal Enclosure

This fortified area had been the seat of power of the fallen empire. Sprawling over many hundreds square meters, Royal Enclosure is scattered with a number of interesting relics of the bygone era.


Water Pavilion

Water Pavilion