Hampi Guesthouses

Hampi Guesthouses

Guesthouses in the Hampi village - the epicenter of Hampi’s tourism - are basic at the best. These are highly sought after by the budget travelers for its rustic character.

Hampi’s guesthouses are located in two clusters, the river Tungabhadra separating them.

The Virupapur Gadde area, often preferred to as the ‘other side’ of Hampi is a laidback location often preferred by those new age hippie genre backpackers. This is also a preferred area for the Bouldering fans beeline to Hampi.

The ones on the Hampi village sides are the most sought after ones. A good number of monuments like the Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Hemakuta Hills etc are at walking distance from the Hampi village, so the popularity. If you are keen on the 'laidback ' style accommodation, see Virupapur Gadde guesthouses.

Most of the guesthouses are cramped in a ½km x ½km residential portion of the Hampi village, sandwiched between the river and the ancient Hampi Bazaar.

At the entrance of this village is the Virupaksha Temple. The opposite end of the village,  ½km from the temple ,is a massive boulder hill.

Hampi village has no hotels, only lodges, to choose from. Most of the lodges/guesthouse in Hampi are aimed at the backpacking visitors who would spend the day exploring the ruins and use the hotels as place to stay overnight and keep their baggage during the day. They would better fit as guest houses or rudimentary homestays, than a hotel or lodge .

Despite the limitations in choices in Hampi, there is a special charm in staying within the proximity of Hampi ruins. That's the big plus and reason for popularity for these basic accommodations in the vicinity of the ruins.

The narrow alleys (where a bewildering looking backpacker and a cow many not be able to pass at the same time despite, the best cooperation from you both!) are the hallmark of this village. To a novice visitor , it will look like a hellhole at first. Hampi village is a safe place to stay, though you've to be prudent.

A typical range of the Hampi's guest houses (GH) and locations are listed here.

A good number of them are listed in online hotel booking portals like www.tripadviser.in, cleartip.com , booking.com and so on. Some of them have their own websites/blogs with contact details to call and book.

GH Location Type
Padma GH Near Hampi Bazar Over a decade old family run GH. Clean homestay like accommodation.
Ranjana GH Nr. Hampi Bazar. Close to Padma GH Simple GH with superb view of the temple tower in the backdrop. The closest GH to Virupaksha temple.
Archana GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple. Archana GH is on the very edge of the river only separated by a banana plantation. Superb balcony like view of the river from its rooftop restaurant. You'll hardly miss the bright purple painted GH with equally bright yellow painted rooms.
Pushpa GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple GH with AC & NonAC rooms.
Netra GHNr. Virupaksha Temple very basic budget homestay overlooking the river.
Sudha Guest House Nr. Virupaksha Temple. After Netra GH. Two storey family run GH with rooftop restaurant. Single with shared bathrooms and double with attached rooms. Away from the rest of bustling GH scene.A short walk the river and Hampi Bazar area.
Shambu GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple Compact rooms. Near to the temple and Bazaar street.
Ganesh GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple In the midst of GHs in Virupaksha Temple area.Family run.
Kiran GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple River facing. Basic accomodation.
Gopi GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple AC & Non AC rooms. Rooftop restaurant.They also run a Scooter and bicycle rental.(www.gopi-guesthouse.com)
Viki's GHNr Virupaksha Temple Opp. Ganga GH towards the riverside.
Sunny GH Nr. Virupaksha Temple GH run by a local Bouldering trainer. Nr. Pushpa GH.
Om ShivaNr Hampi BazaarSmall GH with decent rooms and attached bathroom

There are many more similar ones at Hampi, apart from the above list of Guesthouses (GH). People tend to walk-in, though advanced reservation is recommended, especially during the peak seasons, around December and also during the Hampi Utsav days.

How to select the right accommodation/location in Hampi?

If you are still researching the right location for your Hampi accommodation, see hotel/lodge/guesthouse accommodation scenario for Hampi as a starting point.

There are star rated Luxury Hotels in Hampi . If staying a basic guest house type accommodation is not your idea of vacation, try one of the upscale or mid range hotels in Hospet Town, about 13km from Hampi village. Kamalapura (4km from Hampi village) has a few decent/upscale hotels, is a better tradeoff between the hotel options and proximity with Hampi

wHampi Guesthouses  
Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.

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Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.



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