Domed Gateway

This is the only surviving gateway structure to the citadel with domical structure above it , and hence the name. Though it no more functions as a gateway to anything, this is a beautiful and well preserved structure in Hampi. The size and its proximity to the Royal Center , the Domed Gateway speaks of its importance during the Viyayanagara days.

This rectangular shaped structure breaks the fortification encircling this ancient city at this point. The gate actually faces east, an auspicious direction in Hindu architectural and cultural terms. However the gateway - particularly the arches and the domical structure above it - is made in the typical Islamic style. This stands in contrast with another important and larger gateway to the city - the Bhima’s gate . However you can find some similarities with the Talarigatta Gate at the northeast of the city.

Within the Domed gateway is a guards’ room with an image of the guardian deity Hanuman carved on the wall.

This gateway is a bit difficult to access, thanks to a modern canal that passes near to it. However it is possible to reach here from near the Pattabhirama Temple area. It is at a short walk

Domed Gateway