The locality called Virupapur Gaddi  is just north of the Hampi village.

Why Virupapur Gaddi? For two reasons. First, even in the otherwise rural standards of Hampi, Virupapur Gaddi is the most laidback locality in Hampi.  There are quite a few guest houses set in this rural backdrop.

Second reason, this is the party central of Hampi. Backpackers of all genre congregate at Virupapur, than at Hampi side of the river. Bachelor's may like this area, families (with kids) may not. So depending on what's your idea of vacation, you may want to head to Virupapur or keep away from all those party stuffs.

A list of popular hotels ( more aptly, guest houses) are listed below. Before that you may also want to know how to reach Virupapura Gadde. There are certain peculiarities to this location. Though Virupapura Gadde is just across the river from Hampi, there is no road connection.

Virupapur Gaddi is accessible by crossing the river near the Virupaksha Temple (see coracle ferries).

The road route is  Hospet- Munirabad - Sanapur for accessing from Bangalore side, by road. Those from Hyderabad side, the route is via Gangavathi  and Anegondi . Some of the guesthouses are reachable only by walk & two wheeler, as car would not reach. Park at Hampi and use coracle to cross to Virupapur.

You can walk in, check facilities , compare the price quoted and negotiate a bit before finally selecting one and check in. That's the style in town. Having said that, it's possible to book online ( , etc) as well.  For many of the popular guest houses at Virupapur Gaddi. Some of them even have own websites.

Do advance booking if you are traveling to Hampi during peak season, as things do get overbooked, especially around the new year period.

There are many more , a few popular one are listed here....

Guest House
1Sunny Guest House


Shanti Guest House


Mowgli Guest House


Sri Lakshmi Golden Resorts


Goan Corner

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Hampi has a set of annual festivals.Some are religious festivals associated with the temples.


Lotus Mahal

Hampi Photos 10


Vijayanagara Coinage

Vijayanagara had a sophisticated currency system.Coins were minted from many mints in the empire.

Open sites of Hampi. bicycles are fun and smart way to explore the ruins. Seen are the Saraswathi Temple (Saraswathi Temple 2) on a small hiltop. Further ahead on this trail is  the Octogonal Bath and a number of palace complexes.

Tour Plan

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Kadirampura village is located on the way to Hampi.The name Karirampura literally means the village of rice grain.

Two storied gateway at Hemakuta Hill


Hampi is photogenic.

Bring your camera along and you won’t regret the trouble.

The green wet planes, the small steep boulder hills, the extravaganza of stone architecture, the life around it all are rich in content for photography.


Tonga (pony cart) is a popular way to travel between the Hampi Bazaar - Royal Center - Vittala Temple route.

Hampi in a nutshell

What is Hampi?Hampi ( a.k.a Humpi or Hampe ) is both a historic & religious place in India.