Vijayanagara had a sophisticated currency system. Coins were minted from many mints in the empire. The main one was located in Hampi. What is now believed to be the ruins of a mint can be seen inside the walled enclosure west of the royal enclosure.

Vijayanagara coinage is astonishing with its array of coins in gold, silver and copper. Most of them spotted the images of gods, animals, birds, state emblem etc. Also special coins were made in commemoration with occasions like triumphs over another kingdoms.

The coin with crawling Krishna’s image is an example (made as a mark to celebrate the conquest of Udaygiri by king Krishnadevaraya). He brought the idol of this crawling Krishna from Udayagiri and installed in a new temple (the Krishna Temple) made at Hampi.

In most of the coins the reverse side is inscribed with the king’s name who ordered to mint the coin.
You can see an impressive array of Vijayanagara coins on display at the Archeology museum in Hampi. Each coin on the display kiosk is provided with magnifying lenses to take a close look at both sides of the coin.


Royal Center Map

Map showing the monuments and other attractions around the Royal Center of Hampi ( See also : Areas of Hampi).


Sacred Center Map

Map of the Sacred Center regions in Hampi.The temples, hills and the river located in this region of Hampi ruins is shown in this map.


Coracle ferry in Hampi located near the Kodandarama Temple

Sites in Hampi

Sites in Sacred Center area:
(see Areas of Hampi )

Sites in the Riverside area:
(see Riverside Ruins)

Sites in Royal Center area:
(see Areas of Hampi )

Sites in Islamic Quarter area:
(see Areas of Hampi )

Hills in Hampi:

Sites in Anegondi area:
(see Anegondi )

Hampi Landscape

Areas of Hampi

Hampi's attractions are clustered across many zones and villages. Typically a few miles apart, all of them are connected by road and at places by the local ferries.


Riverside Ruins

The riverside gorge just north of the Kodandarama Temple is remarkable for the various clusters of ruins.

The sought after ones are the array of Shiva Lingas carved on the flat rock surface and the carved Anandashayana Vishnu on the rock cleft.


Virupaksha Temple

Believed to functioning uninterruptedly ever since its inception in the 7th century AD, Virupaksha temple is the oldest and the principal temple in Hampi. This is easily one of the oldest functioning temple in India as well..


Lotus Mahal

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