Top Viewpoints in Hampi

Top Viewpoints in Hampi

The top must visit viewpoints in Hampi. These are great to watch sunset, try photography and also the get an aerial view of the Hampi's panorama.

Matunga Hill tops the list, both in terms of rewarding views as well as in difficulty to accent.

Apart from the delights in the trek uphill and the simple attractions atop, you can do three things from a vantage location standpoint.

First, the Matunga Hill, highest point in Hampi, gives an unparalleled panorama of Hampi in a 360º view of the terrain. You can see the River Tungabhadra zigzag around the boulder strewn terrain.

Second, the Matunga hill the unparalleled location in Hampi to watch sunset.

Third, midway through the hike, you can gate a phenomenal view of the Achyutaraya Temple complex, one of its kind view in Hampi.

Needless to say, Matunga Hill is a photographer's delight.

Anjaneya Hill is second only to Matunga Hill in vantage location. Great to see the undulating boulder strewn landscape of Hampi. The view of golden brown and emerald green mosaic of Hampi's agriculture land view from the hilltop is stunning.

Anjaneya Hill has a well laid steps, with its characteristic whitewashed parapet, to trek all to way to the temple at the top.

Malyavanta Hill is probably the least visited hilltop by tourists. You can drive all the way to the hilltop where the Raghunanda Temple is located.

Come out of the large temple complex attop to see some of the fabulous views of Hampi. No spoiler here; leaving it for you to discover the views.

Photographers, do not miss Malyavanta Hill, located close to Kamalapura, if you are looking for some non-cliche compositions of Hampi!

Hemakuta Hill is one among easiest to visit (trek) hills in Hampi. A great place in Hampi to see the sunrise and sunset.

You can get a nice view to of the ancient temples atop; view the tower of Virupaksha Temple from a vantage point; see the Krishna Temple complex; and of course the panorama.

Hemakuta Hill is easily accessible from around Hampi Bazaar side as well as from the Sasivekalu Ganesha side.

A Boulder overlooking the Noblemen's Quarter. This is the Royal Center area, opposite to the entrance enclosure entrance where the Palace of Vira Harihara and Muhammadan Watch Tower are located.

The boulder has some kind of safety balustrades and steps built on it. You can a get a good area view of the erstwhile residential layouts and the basement of palaces from this boulder top.

You can easily notice this boulder, while going from the Underground Shiva Temple towards Noble Men's Quarter and Hazara Rama Temple.


wTop Viewpoints in Hampi  

Watch Tower atop Boulders in Hampi

Watch Tower atop Boulders in Hampi

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Watch Tower atop Boulders in Hampi

Watch Tower atop Boulders in Hampi



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