Top Attractions in Hampi

Top Attractions in Hampi

Popular attractions in and around Hampi

Here is the list list of Top Must visit attractions in Hampi. The attractions and grouped and sub-grouped for convenience of making and tweaking your sightseeing plan.

Attractions in Hampi

Group 1 Hemakuta Hill & Temples - Sasivekalu Ganesha - Kadalekalu Ganesh - Virupaksha Temple - Hampi Bazaar

Group 2 Achyutaraya Temple - Courtesan's Street - Kodanda Rama Temple - Chakratheertha (Riverside Trek) - Sugriva's Cave

Group 3 Purandara Mantapa - Ruined Bridge - King's Balance - Vittal Temple - Vittala Bazaar

Group 4 Laxminarasimha- Badavi Linga - Krishna Temple - Chandikeshwara - Uddana Veerabhadra Temple

Group 5 Lotus Mahal - Watch Tower - Elephant Stable - Guards Quarters - Underground temple

Group 6 Queens Bath - Mahanavami Dibba - Pushkarni - Secret Chamber - King Audience Hall - Hazara Rama Temple

Group 7 Bhima's Gate - Ganagegitti Jain Temple - Malyavanta Hill - TailariGhat Gate

Group 8 Pattabhirama Temple - Archeology Museum.

Attractions in Anegondi

This are the area on the 'other side' of the river. Take a coracle ride to cross.

Gaganmahal - Anjaneya Hill - Pampasarovar - Durga Temple - Chandramouleshwara Temple - Chintamani Temple - 64 Pillar Mantapa - Navabrindavan

Hills in Hampi

Hills are scattered around hampi. This list the popular hills in Hampi you can trek. Bouldering fans may have a completely different list!

Anjaneya Hill : The hill top Hanuman temple This hill believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman is located in the center of Anegondi area. You can see this hill from the Hampi side of the river as you trek along the Kampa Bhups’s (the riverside trek) Path: Anjaneya Hill

Matunga Hill : Probably this is the most talked about hill in Hampi. Let it be its central location, the oversold sunset/sunrise view or the myths associated with it, this hill commands a special attraction. Being at the centre of Hampi, and also the highest point, Matanga hilltop is the best spot to get an aerial view of Hampi and its environs : Matunga Hill

Malyavanta Hill : In someway detached from the rest of the typical tourist circuits, many Hampi visitors often skip this hill. Those of you take the trouble to venture on to it will be rewarded with a few pleasant surprises.
:Malyavanta Hill

Hemakuta Hill is one among the best places in Hampi to see the sunrise and sunset; and not as tedious to reach the top say compared to the Matanga Hill nearby. Good news for the ones who find it difficult for a steep climb: Hemakuta Hill

wTop Attractions in Hampi  

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