Thank You

Thank You !!

As a token of appreciation to the people who has helped me, I’m adding a name list here. People with a blog/website/album to share are given a link from their name.
(Names in alphabetical order. And thank you all those wished to remain anonymous!)

Antony Rouxel,France |Brad & Dela,USA |Cristina Matache ,Romania |David,Spain |
David C , Israel |Elli Kurkikangas, Finland |Derek,The Netherlands |DD,India |Deneb,Hong Kong |Diego Wyllie,Argentina |H.M.Ajaybullah M.A. ,India |Irmengard Stengele, Germany |Jarz Goh,Brazil |Jean-Matthieu Gautier ,France |Khandoma ,France |K T Rajagopalan , India |Maia Giorgadze ,Georgia |Narayana ,India |Nirmalya Biswas ,India |Dr. Nupam Mahajan,USA |Olga V Novikova ,Russia |Oriol Sala , Catalonia |Pham Thi Quynh Tram,Vietnam |Ramesh Kulandaivelu , India |Rohit Chauhan , India |Serena , Italy |Sudheer,India |Thejesh GN ,India |Tobias,England |ZZ Producties,The Netherlands |Xiao Xiaoyue,Peoples Republic of China |Zerodamage, Denmark |Zoran, UK

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Please help if you can do some translations of a page.Details here

Thank You