There are only two direct trains from Mumbai to Hospet (the railway station for Hampi). The Ajmer-Bangalore Garib Nawaz Express and the Jodhpur-Bangalore Express connects western India with Hampi. Both are weekly trains.

In other words you've two direct trains to travel from Mumbai side to Hampi. See the Garib Nawaz Express timings and days of operation.

Take the Garib Nawaz Express or Jodhpur-Bangalore Express (on Tuesday/Wednesday). Take one those return trains (Mondays/Saturday).

For both the journeys the trains are at odd hours.

Another strategy is to travel to Hubli by one of the many trains from Mumbai side. From Hubli, look a train or bus connection to Hospet/Hampi.

Another option is to get to Hubli ( UBL) from Mumbai. There are a few southbound trains from Mumbai that pass via Hubli. From Hubli to Hospet you can opt for a rail or bus connection. Hubli-Hospet is about 4 hours journey.

Another itinerary strategy is to go for a combination of flights and trains. Fly to Bangalore from Mumbai. Catch the Hampi Express (or any other trains) to Hospet. Complete the Hampi Tour. Take a direct return train from Hospet to Mumbai (or travel to Hubli and then to Mumbai).

Of course you can do this in reverse order too.

See also the Hampi Express ( Hubli - Hospet - Bangalore ) and Haripriya/ Rayalaseema Express (Vasco-Da-Gama - Hospet - Hyderabad/Tirupati)

There are quite a few bus services also from Mumbai to Hospet. You can book one of those sleeper buses, if train or flight is not an option for you.

VRL Travels, SRS Travels, Meenakshi Travels etc operate daily bus service (AC/Sleeper/Volvo) to Hospet from Mumbai.

The ticket price in bus hovers around Rs 1000 to Rs1500 per one way. This is somewhat comparable to the 3AC train ticket price.

(Please note that this inform could be changed with time and many to be up to date. You can easily check the correct details from on of the official websites of the Indian Railways at or )


Mumbai and Hampi location in India

Mumbai and Hampi location in India


Two storied gateway at Hemakuta Hill


Hampi is photogenic.

Bring your camera along and you won’t regret the trouble.

The green wet planes, the small steep boulder hills, the extravaganza of stone architecture, the life around it all are rich in content for photography.


The paddy fields on the Virupapur Gaddi side.

Virupapur Gaddi Hotels

The locality called Virupapur Gaddi  is just north of the Hampi village.Why Virupapur Gaddi?

Rent a bicycle at Hampi. They are both fun and efficient way to explore this large ruins site.

Bicycle and Moped Rentals

Rent a bicycle or moped or scooter at Hampi. This is one of the best means to explore Hampi ruins scattered over


Sunflower farming near Hampi

Climate in Hampi

Hampi’s climate is generally dry & hot.March to early June is the summer.


Facilities in Hampi

Though Hampi is an important tourist destination the facilities available at the site are basic.But you can practically find the services one would require normally in a 3-4 days stay.


Anegondi was the capital of the region, before it was moved to Hampi. In fact this was the core of a tiny kingdom that eventually expanded into the Vijayanagar Empire covering the whole of south India. Currently Anegondi is sleepy village with a principally farming community inhibiting it.


Hotels and Lodges in Hampi

And finally you've arrived at Hampi!In all probability you've taken that 30 minutes local bus from Hospet to Hampi.