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What language do they speak in Hampi?

Kannada is the state language. The majority of the population in this region speaks Kannada. Urdu and Telugu too make its appearances infrequently. So does Hindi.

However the tourist-driven local enterprises are somewhat multilingual. Even though everyone may not be fluent , English is a sort of official language of interaction, if unable to communicate in the local languages.

Hampi is not notable for foreign language guides other than the English speaking ones. Nevertheless there are some  exceptions. It’s not very difficult for you to manage the whole Hampi affairs in Hindi or English, if you don't have command over the locally spoken languages.

Most of the guides are local villagers with varying levels of knowledge on the subject. They may not be fluent in using different languages, but sufficiently armed to satisfy a typical curious visitor.

A number of restaurants and hotels have put up their boards and menus in many foreign languages like French, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean...

The signposts and narrations boards installed at the sites typically use three languages – English, Kannada and Hindi.

The last words for those who do not know local languages: You can manage the show reasonably well if you possess some understanding of English language, are skilled in mime and have a bit of patience. See also the local customs and etiquettes...

A signpost in the Hampi ruins site.

The sign posts in Kannada,Hindi and English

HospetRayalaseema Haripriya Express

Rayalaseema Haripriya Express

Haripriya Express (Train No: 17415/17416) and Rayalaseema Express (Train No 17429 /17430 ) are a pair of trains that connects Hampi (Hospet Jn) with Hyderabad , Tirupati and C. Shahu Mharaj Terminus (Kholapur ). The route bifurcates at Guntakal Junction. The coaches heading towards Hyderabad and Tirupati are separated at Guntakal... MORE ➜

TravelHampi Tour Cost and Budget

Hampi Tour Cost and Budget

Transportation: Bangalore > Hospet by Bus Rajahamsa (State operated bus); Local bus (state operated) Bangalore > Hospet by Train : Rs 150 to Rs 1300 For Hampi Express (Train No.6591 for Hospet to Bangalore; Train No. 6592 for Bangalore to Hospet) : First AC (1A) : Rs 1286; Second AC... more ➜

HospetChennai to Hampi

Chennai to Hampi

There are no direct trains from Chennai to Hospet ( for Hampi). However if you are willing to split your journey there are some feasible connections. Some of the viable transit stations for the Chennai to Hospet rail journey are Tirupati, Renigunta and Guntakal. Tirupati . Kolhapur bound Rayalaseema express... more ➜

Travel1 Day Hampi Itinerary

1 Day Hampi Itinerary

Well, this is not a recommendation to do Hampi in a day. It's impossible, to say the least ! Nevertheless if you you are in a situation where you have only a day available, let's see how to take the maximum out of it. See here a more relaxed, 3 Day... more ➜

MapsRail Map

Rail Map

Railway routes in Karnataka. Shows connectivity to Hampi. Hospet is the nearest railway station for Hampi.

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