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What language do they speak in Hampi?

Kannada is the state language. The majority of the population in this region speaks Kannada. Urdu and Telugu too make its appearances infrequently. So does Hindi.

A signpost in the Hampi ruins site.

However the tourist-driven local enterprises are somewhat multilingual. Even though everyone may not be fluent in usage, English is a sort of official language of interaction.

Hampi is not notable for foreign language guides other than the English speaking ones. Nevertheless there are some odd exceptions. It’s not very difficult for you to manage the whole Hampi affairs in Hindi or English, if you don’t have command over the local language.

Most of the guides are local villagers with varying level of knowledge on the subject. They may be a bit clumsy in using different languages, but sufficiently armed to satisfy a typical curious visitor.

A number of restaurants and hotels have put up their boards and menus in many foreign languages like French, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean.

The signposts and narrations boards installed at the sites typically use three languages – English, Kannada and Hindi.

The last word: You can manage the show reasonably well if you possess some understanding of English language, are skilled in mime and have a bit of patience.

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hampi.in  ::  Hampi in a nutshell   Hotels and Lodges in Hampi   Hotels in Hospet   Luxury Hotels in Hampi