The story of Krishna stealing cloths of the bathing cowherd girls. Perhaps no other epics has dealt with such mischievous themes like the ones played by Lord Krishna.
One of the famous episode is of Krishna stealing cloths of the Gopis (cowhearld girls), while they were bathing in the river Yamuna

It’s a tradition for the Gopis to bath a secluded part of the river in groups, where men are prohibited.

They go into water nude, leaving the cloths on the river bank. The adolescent Krishna stealthily steals their cloths, climbs up a Kadambha tree nearby and hang the pieces of cloths in the branches.

Once they come to know of this the Gopis rushes back to the river to hide nakedness. Neck deep in water they implored Krishna to return their clothes. Krishna insists that they come to him one by one to get back the cloths!

Shivering in the cold water, they see no choice other than to obey him. Now they come out , covering their body with hand in shame. Krishna insists they raise their hands in obeisance to him before he would give the clothes back. Only then he would give the cloths back.
On a philosophical and mythical ground this story is interpreted in with various meanings, including Bhakti (unconditional devotion) , shedding everything for devotion, etc.

In Hampi you’ll find this theme (Krishna on the tree with Gopis pleading with their hands folded in reverence). There is one pillar with this theme carved on one of the the slender pillars of  the Kadalekalu Ganesha and another beautiful one at the Pattabhirama Temple, though a damaged due to vandalism.

Krishna steeling cloths of the Gopis

Krishna steeling cloths of the Gopis . Image from Pattabhirama Temple

Krishna steeling cloths of the Gopis


Mythology of Hampi

Hindus treat Hampi as a sacred land. According to the folklore, a number of mythical events are associated with Hampi. Your understanding of what you see at Hampi would be greatly enhanced if you have some clues about the Hindu mythology and its themes.


Gods of Hampi

Lord Virupaksha may be presiding deity of Hampi, but the monkey warrior Hanuman steals the limelight.  Hampi presents a typical cross-section of the religious moorings of India.Hindu icons with its pantheon of gods dominate this vast site.


Ramayana in Hampi

Hampi has a phenomenal number of attractions believed to be associated with Ramayana, the Hindu epic.


Footprint carving in Hampi

Religions of Hampi

The far end of religious history of Hampi somehow morphs into mythology.The significant events narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayana (believed to have originally composed in 1st century BC) is believed to have happened in the settings surrounding Hampi.


Origin of Hampi’s Boulders

Those finally end up in Hampi invariably wonder how on earth such a landscape got created! Well, you have two choices to find a solace: one in geology and the other in mythology!


Saugandhika Flower Episode

At Bhima's Gate in Hampi, there is fantastic image of Brima retuning with Saugandhika , the celestial flower Draupadi desired.


Story of Narasimha

The Hindu mythology has a tale of Narasimha’s origin.