Kadirampura village is located on the way to Hampi. The name Karirampura literally means the village of rice grain.
Obviously there are large numbers of paddy fields around this village area.
Deccani Islamic style mausoleum without the dome.

The main attractions in this village is the Mohammadan Tomb & Darga at one end and a more recent Subrahmania ( Murugan) Temple in the village square. Buses to Hampi village usually go via Kamalapura , bypassing Kadirampura.
However if you are traveling by the auto rickshaw to/from Hampi, they usually take the Kadirampura route. Go through the giant arch next to the main road as you are about to reach Kamalapura
The north end of the road via Kadirampura village mearges with the Hampi main road near the Krishna Temple.