Hampi tour is a combination of 'sightseeing' as well as soaking yourself in its mysterious environs. With this in the backdrop, let's see how to make the right itinerary and sightseeing plan for Hampi.

Make your own version of Hampi itinerary - ad hoc or pre planned. You can easily make tweaks to the Hampi itinerary as you start exploring it. Hampi is a DIY travellers' delight.

The following is aimed to help you kickstart your Hampi itinerary planning... If you think all these are too confusing for you, take a look at Hampi sightseeing plan for 3 Days , 1 Day or the impossible looking 3 Hours hampi sightseeing!

Hampi Hotspots

Hampi has an overwhelming (in 100's) number of big and small attractions to see. Get hang of the Top Attractions (popular) of Hampi before you craft a sightseeing plan. Also you may need to pick and choose the attractions based on your interest (like photography, hiking the hills in Hampi, bouldering or even the religious sites like Virupaksha Temple or the Navabrindavan ). Also take a look at the top View Points in Hampi, you may want to add all or some of these in your sightseeing plan.

How much time is needed to see Hampi?

Keep 2½ to 3 days for Hampi, you'll return satisfied.

Well, the meaning of satisfaction is relative. For those who like Hampi's charm, even a week spend at Hampi might look it was too short!

What this means is a whirlwind excursion would leave you inevitably with that incomplete feeling, though you would feel happy that you went to Hampi.

How to explore Hampi in 3 Hours, 1 Day Or 3 Days

If for some reason you've only a day to spare for Hampi, see the 1 Day Hampi Itinerary on how you can visit the main attractions. It's a bit cramped itinerary. However, you can do a single day sightseeing at Hampi with some tradeoffs.

Now, if you are in a position to add more days... make it into 2 or 3 days agenda. This Explore Hampi in leisure. You'll cherish the experience for very many years to come. See the '3 Day Hampi Itinerary' where the 5 routes in Hampi and excursion strategies are discussed in detail.

What if you've only a few hours; wants to see Hampi in a detour style...Here is a super condensed 3 Hour Hampi tour plan and strategy.


Hampi Itinerary Map

Hampi's attractions grouped for easy sightseeing planning.

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Hampi's attractions grouped for easy sightseeing planning.

Hampi's attractions grouped for easy sightseeing planning.



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