Let's understand this first. Your tour to Hampi is combination of 'sightseeing' as well as soaking yourself in its mysterious environs.

What this means is a whirlwind excursion would leave you inevitably with that incomplete feeling, though you would feel happy that you went to Hampi.

If you are in a position, keep 2½ to 3 days for Hampi, you'll return satisfied. Of course the meaning of satisfaction is relative. For those who like its charm, even a week spend at Hampi looks too short!

Let's get practical. If for some reason you've only a day to spare for Hampi see the 1 Day Hampi Itinerary on how you can visit the main attractions. It's a bit cramped itinerary. However, let's see how to make the most out of your single day at Hampi.

Now, if you are in a position to add more days... make it into 2 or 3 days agenda. Explore Hampi in leisure. You'll cherish the experience for very many years to come. See the '3 Day Hampi Itinerary' where the 5 routes in Hampi and excursion strategies are discussed in detail. Of course these are just indicative routes. You can make your own version of itinerary - ad hoc or otherwise - as you start exploring Hampi.

Hampi Itinerary Map

Hampi's attractions grouped for easy sightseeing planning.

You may want to see the One Day Hampi Itinerary and the Three Day Hampi Itinerary.



This map details the location of Hampi in Karnataka, India. This web site has many maps on the Hampi ruins site. You may be also interested in Distance to Hampi from various places.


Airports Map

Bangalore (BLR) is the nearest major airport for Hampi.Other near airports include Hubli,Belgaum and Dabolim at Goa.


Chennai to Hampi

There are no direct trains from Chennai to Hospet ( for Hampi).However if you are willing to split your journey there are some feasible connections.


Goa is about 340 km west of Hampi

Goa to Hampi

Goa to Hampi is a very sought after route, however the train connections are few and a bit scattered.Goa to Hampi by Train: If you are looking for a train connection , opt for the Howrah Express (Train No:18048 , Tuesdays,Thursdays,Fridays and Sundays ).This train leaves Vasco Da Gama (VSG) by 7.10 am and reaches Hospet by 14:55 in t...


Hampi Hotels

Luxury Hotels:  Hampi has a few for upscale accommodation options.Hotels near Hampi: From a convenience point Hospet is a the nearest town for Hampi with bus and rail connectivity.


Tonga (pony cart) is a popular way to travel between the Hampi Bazaar - Royal Center - Vittala Temple route.

Hampi in a nutshell

What is Hampi?Hampi ( a.k.a Humpi or Hampe ) is both a historic & religious place in India.


Hampi Landscape

How to reach Hampi ?

Your gateway town to Hampi is Hospet , bustling town located very close to the Hampi village.
This is the major travel hub from where you can get the travel connections as well as a variety of hotel options.