....for those of you who are still grappling with an elusive concept called India!

Months of research, anticipation and hard work have culminated in your now cute looking India plan. What you are holding now is the 26 th edition of your own India itinerary. You already have invested many hours reconfirming numerous facts, clarifying doubts, scrambling through various maps and perfected your plan.

In fact India arrives to you the moment you board the plane, a surprise. That may because it happened a bit earlier than you were expecting. Take this as a small tease by her to test your mantle. And that is the moment you start getting a feeling that India has some other plans for you in stores. You are right. Hold on, the worst is yet to arrive!

Once in India you can feel your grip getting loosened slowly but systematically. In the end you give up your proud possession - that much boasted India plan - with a grin. Gone with the wind are your anxieties too. From now onwards your job is easy. Pure chaos takes over the rest your course. Nothing works the way you think. Everyone and everything moves in the damn ways it pleases. No need to stick to the schedules. Neither it is required, nor possible. Deciplione and punchuality is a foregin idea, yet to be proven in India.

Patience is the only asset that is valued. The more you carry it the more you are in control. Has something gone wrong? No, is the answer you get.

You board the emotional roller coaster destined to infinity. And finally somehow you get your senses back and manage say, "WOW". Let’s call it India!


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