Hubli to Hospet to Guntakal

Hubli to Hospet to Guntakal

A general train time table for the trains passing through Hospet Jn is attached here. Most of these trains pass through Hubli and Guntakal , your major connection point for onward journey.

Train No

Train Name Dep. (GTL) Arr. (HPT)SMTWTFS
17415 Haripriya Express03.10 05.30 YYYYYYY
17603 Kacheguda Vasco-da-Gama Express04.1006.32 -Y- -Y-Y
18047 Amaravati Express04.10 06.28 Y-YY-Y-
16592 Hampi Express 04.50 07.10 Y YYYYYY
17225 Amaravathi Express 05.50 08.15 YYY YYYY
11303 Kacheguda Vasco-da-Gamma Express07.50 10.10 YYY YYYY
57274 Tirupati - Hubli Passenger14.1517.20 YYYYYYY
16217 Mysore-Sainagar Shirdi Express 14.25 16.55 Y------
56501 Hubli Passenger 21.30 01.05 YYY YYYY
16532 Garib Nawaz Express 23.5502.55----Y--
16534 Bengaluru City - Jodhpur Express23.55 02.55 --- ---Y

57273 Hubli Tirupati Passenger06.00 09.13 YYYYYYY
51412 Hubli Bellary Passenger08.00 11.34 YYY YYYY
18048 Vasco-da-Gama Howrah Express 12.30 14.53 -Y-YY-Y
17226 Amaravati Express13.30 16.05 YYYYYYY
11304 Kolhapur Hyderabad Express 16.1518.58 YYYYYYY
16531 Garib Nawaz Express16.55 19.30 -Y- ----
16533 Jodhpur Bangalore Express16.55 19.30 ---Y---
16591 Hampi Express 18.20 21.00 YYY YYYY
17416 Haripriya Express19.20 22.03YYYYYYY
56502 Hubli Vijayawada Passenger 23.30 02.20YYYYYYY

Please note that only some major stations en route are listed. The full details can be had by searching the Indian Railway’s site www.indianrail.gov.in using the train number and other details. Some of the schedules may have changed over time. Also all the schedules are not shown ( though as much as possible is added ) Please check with the Indian Railways official website for accurate and updated schedule.

wHubli to Hospet to Guntakal  
Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways Map of Karnataka

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Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways Map of Karnataka



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