Hotels, Lodges and Guesthouses in Hampi

Hotels, Lodges and Guesthouses in Hampi

How to select the right tour base location and accommodation suitable to you in Hampi ?

Regarding Hampi’s lodging locations a visitor has three options, in fact four, if you are prepared to cross the river by a coracle.

1. Hampi Village 2.Virupapur Gadde 3.Hospet Town 4.Kamalapura

The the ambient, character of the locale, type of accommodation and facilities vary immensely among the three hotspots listed above.

Select the location option best suited for your situation based on the type of tour (backpacking, traveling with family, groups etc) and your itinerary.

Most of these lodges and guesthouses are listed in booking portals like makemytrip.com, tripadviser.in etc.

Hampi Village

Hampi's traditional 'guest houses' are located in Hampi village, around the pericuts of the Virupaksha temple.

These guesthouses are basically mom-and-pop enterprises operated out of their homes. Some are sophisticated with TV and aircons in the rooms, the rest very basic backpacker style accommodation.

This place has character, especially the ones with rooftop restaurants with view of the temple tower in the backdrop.

Go for it, if you are looking for basic budget accommodation with character, and not very particular about typical conveniences associated with a standard hotel. See here more on Hampi village guesthouses.

Virupapur Gadde

This is laid back locale of Hampi, located across the river opposite to Virupaksha Temple.

Those like to explore Hampi is a really slow pace, will enjoy the rustic ambience of this erstwhile hippie hideout.

Accommodation come in size and shapes of huts, cottages and thatched sheds overlooking paddy fields, banana plantations and boulders. Of course there are the omnipresent guesthouses,attached to homes of its owner's as well. See here more on Virupapur Gadde guest houses


Those looking for better creature comforts and travel conveniences, look for a good hotel in Hospet town. It's a 30min drive (13km) from here to Hampi.

Consider this plan. You setout from the hotel in the morning for the excursion to Hampi sites. Return by evening after the sightseeing to the cosy comfort of the hotel bed. Repeat the same the next day. Catch the night train/bus or drive out of the town. If this is the Hampi itinerary in your mind, a hotel in Hospet town will fit the bill well. Some of the popular Hospet Hotels listed here.


Kamalapura, about 4km south of Hampi is the sweetspot between Hampi village and Hospet town.

Sweetspot, because Kamalapura has a couple of good hotels - the KSTDC run Mayura Bhuvaneswari and Clarks Inn with indoor swimming pool. Both are much sophisticated than the rudimentary guesthouse scene of Hampi village.

Also Kamalapura has a few traveler type lodges and restaurants.

Kamalapura is reasonably close to the main attractions of Hampi, unlike Hospet that's about 13 km away.

While Hampi village is in the Royal Center portion of Hampi sites, Kamalapura is just a short stroll from the Royal Centre of Hampi.

Those traveling with family to explore Hampi, and looking for a better tradeoff between the rudimentary Hampi accommodations and the distant Hospet town, Kamalapura is the answer.

See the hotels other details for Kamalpura.


Your attention slipped for a moment, a cheeky monkey appeared from nowhere and getaway with your breakfast. Welcome to Anegundi!

Older than Hampi in antiquity, the Anegundi village across the river has a few homestays with incredible rustic character. Anegundi is no match to Virupapur gadde in terms of lodging options, worth exploring what it has.

Luxury Hotels in Hampi

With Hyatt Place Hampi and Orange County (now renamed Evolve Back), Hampi is no more alien to the five star luxury. Those looking for splurge take note!
Luxury hotels and resorts near Hampi.

wHotels, Lodges and Guesthouses in Hampi  
Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.

Hotels | Resorts | Guesthouses in Hampi
Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.



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