This is a state run (KSTDC) hotel in Hampi. From a budget point , this hotel can be in the called a mid range hotel. But in Hampi's standards this is easily an upscale hotel.

The many hotels available around the Hampi ruins are either those budget lodges (called guesthouses) with very basic backpackers style or the quite expensive (resort like) ones.

In that way Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari is a decent choice, especially if you are traveling with family and looking for a decent place at a reasonable budget. While those backpackers' guesthouses are on the Hampi Bazaar area,  Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari is in Kamalapur. This is about 2km before the Hampi village. If you are traveling by bus, get dropped at Kamalapura. The Hotel is just around the junction.

From the hotel you can easily walk to the Royal Center area of Hampi. A little towards the village square is the Archeological Museum. But you need to hire an auto-rickshaw/moped/bicycle for the rest of the sight seeing. The hotel reception can arrange auto-rickshaw for a day trip. Of course you can do it on your own also.

A great thing about Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari is its spacious compound. If you are traveling by car/bike, you can safely park it in the hotel compound especially in the night. That's not the case with many smaller lodges in the Hampi Bazaar area, where you've to park you vehicle in the public parking lot which is usually a bit far from the lodges.

There is an attached restaurant that also serves beer. Room tariffs are in the range of Rs400/USD9 (non AC dormitory type) to  Rs3000/ USD140 for upscale the Presidential Suite. The hotel have  many types of AC and non AC accommodations in between these two types.

Below is the indicative Tariffs quoted from  their official website

Till 15th September 2014
From 16th September 2014
* seasonal tariff

Week day
Week end

Presidential Suite (2)

AC Deluxe Double Room (12)

AC Semi Deluxe Double Room (16)

*From 1st October 14 to 31st Ocotober 14 
*From 21st December 14 to 1st January 15


Another plus for Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari is you can book the room in advance online. Being one of those Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) owned hotels, use the KSTDC online reservation portal to check availability and book  ( ). That's one great comfort you get even while planing your Hampi trip!

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Kamalapura Bus Station


Kamalapura is a busy small village located at the southern fringe of the Hampi ruins.In fact you will be visiting Kamalapura as some of the major attractions are located here.

Domed Gateway

This is the only surviving gateway structure to the citadel with domical structure above it , and hence the name.Though it no more functions as a gateway to anything, this is a beautiful and well preserved structure in Hampi.

Rockcut Shrine

Rockcut Shrine near the Queen's bath, is a small but unique site in Hampi.

Parshwanatha Temple

Parshwanatha Temple is located in the Royal centre are of Hampi.Visit it along with the Srinagarada Hebbagilu.

Royal Enclosure

This fortified area had been the seat of power of the fallen empire. Sprawling over many hundreds square meters, Royal Enclosure is scattered with a number of interesting relics of the bygone era.


Water Pavilion

Water Pavilion

Devi Shrine in Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple

Malayavanta Raghunatha Temple

From a religious and mythological point Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple in Hampi is very significant. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Raghunatha (Rama).