Hampi Tour Cost and Budget

Hampi Tour Cost and Budget

Here is a quick list of approximate costs and prices for your Hampi tour budget planning.

Cash Hampi is still rudimentary, despite its fame. Carry enough cash in your wallet, especially the smaller denominations. The nearest ATM is at Kamalapura (about 3km from Hampi) and that can run out of cash. The next option is Hospet, 10 km away! Businesses with with credit card swiping facility is scarce.

Train to Hampi Hospet junction (HPT) is the nearest railway station for Hampi. Book your train ticket to Hospet and take a local transport to Hampi village.
www.irctc.co.in, cleartrip.com, makemytrip.com etc are portals to book train ticket in advance.

Hampi Express (Bangalore to Hospet)
First AC (1A): Rs1560. Second AC (2A): Rs930. Third AC (3A): Rs650. Sleeper(SL): Rs240. Unreserved : Rs125.
Bangalore-Hospet Passenger Train ( Train No.56909)
Sleeper Class (SL) : Rs 205, Unreserved : Rs95
Vasco Da Gama Express (Hyderabad to Hospet)
Second AC (2A): Rs1070, Third AC (3A): Rs743, Sleeper (SL): Rs275, Unreserved : Rs145.
Amaravati Express (Vasco da Gama (Goa!) to Hospet)
Second AC (2A): Rs900, Third AC (3A): Rs628, Sleeper (SL): Rs235, Unreserved : Rs114.

Bus to Hampi Inter city bus fares to Hospet town, the nearest bus station for Hampi.
You can book bus seats to hampi through portals like redbus.in, ksrtc.in, abhibus.com etc.

Bangalore to Hospet : AC Sleeper (KSRTC): Rs630, Regular Express (KSRTC): Rs330.
Hyderabad to Hospet :AC Sleeper (Volvo): Rs800.
Goa (Panaji) to Hospet :AC Sleeper (KSRTC): Rs700

Local Transport to Hampi Local buses play every 30 minutes from Hospet bus station (near to Hospet Railway station) to Hampi. Auto Rickshaw (tuk-tuk) is another good option.

Hospet Railway station to Hampi
Local bus : Rs25
Auto Rickshaw fare (Hospet to Hampi): Rs200
Auto Rickshaw fare on share basis (Hospet to Hampi): Rs20

The auto-rickshaws wait patiently in a row just outside the Hospet railway station.
And that changes into a scramble when the train arrives. Ask for and settle (negotiate) the price before you get inside.

There are frequent shared auto services between Hospet town and Kamalapura village at the outskirts of Hampi.The shared services are obviously cheaper.

It takes longer than the regular Auto Rickshaw ride (20-30 minutes ride) as the driver stops very now and then to pick and drop passengers enroute.

But this share ride is comparable with the time the local bus takes and cheaper than the regular Auto Rickshaw hire. Most of your co passengers would be other tourists heading to Hampi village or the local villagers - sometimes with their little livestock too. Not a bad way to kickstart your hampi exploration with a bang!

Coracle ferry Rs10...and that doesn’t include the insurance cover!

This is for a regular ferry across the river (near Virupaksha Temple and off Vittala Temple). The operator charges Rs10 extra for ferrying you along with your bike or large luggage.

A specially commissioned coracle ferry for the local sightseeing or fun ride can cost about Rs100 to R200 (negotiable) for about 30 minutes. The Riverside near Kodandarama Temple is a popular place for this.

If you arrive late at Hampi, a special ride to Virupapur Gadde from Hampi village, after the regular ferry service has stopped for the day, is about Rs50 to Rs100 (negotiable).

See more on the Coracles of Hampi.

Bicycle & Moped Rental Bicycle @ Rs100 per day, Moped (50cc) @ Rs250 per day and Scooter/Motorbike (100cc) @ 400 per day. Petrol costs Rs100 per liter locally sold in bottles and Rs65 at fuel station in Kamalapura.

Rentals typically falls 50% during off season.

The mopeds are 50cc two-wheelers without shift gears, just adequate to carry two average sized riders (max. speed 35 kilometers/Hr). Higher powered Bullet too are available for a higher rental rates.

The Fuel station in Hampi is located at Kamalapura, 2 kilometers away from Hampi Bazaar. The rental shop can ‘arrange’ petrol locally (in a bottle) at a slightly worst rate. No fuel stations near any of the ruins site away from Kamalapura. In the Anegondi area (the other side of the river) a mechanic shop near the Gagan Mahal at the village square is of help to organize fuel. Don’t expect fuel efficiency more than 25 kilometers per liter. So fill it up adequate and stop worrying (about 3 liters is okay for a days roaming). See some tips on how to rent bike of bicycle in Hampi.

Hotel & Guesthouse Accommodation

Budget (backpacker) type : Rs 200 to Rs 600. Bring your own toilet paper -BYOTP! (available at Hampi Bazaar area).
Mid Range : Rs 600 to Rs 1500 .
Luxury (3-4star) : Rs2500 to Rs5000.
Resort Type (4-5star) : Rs7,000 to Rs35,000

Hampi is a 'guesthouse' village, meaning most of the homes here share a few rooms on daily rentals for the budget travellers. It's a win-win service for the local community as well as for the visitors. These are typical no nonsense very basic type accommodations.

Most of the guesthouses in Hampi village are located between Virupaksha Temple and the Riverside.

The hippy hideout type guesthouses are scattered at Virupapur Gadde, across the river.

There are many standard type hotels in Hospet town. There are a few at Kamalapura.

Hotels in Hospet are more standard business type ones.

If you are looking for the resort or five star rated splurge type luxury places, yes Hampi has a few in its vicinity.

You can gatecrash as well as book at popular booking websites. Many of these guesthouses are listed in popular hotel booking portals like tripadvisor.in, cleartrip.com, booking.com etc.

(Lodging costs faithfully follows the tourist traffic, typically goes up by 25% to 50% during the peak seasons at Hampi). See how to select the right location and type of accommodation in Hampi.

South Indian breakfast – Rs50
Breakfast (western type) – Rs75
South Indian meals – Rs50
Dinner with special dishes – Rs150 to Rs 250
Packaged drinking water – Rs25 per liter.

See Food and Restaurant options in Hampi.

Entry Fees Most of the Hampi's attractions and open to explore free. There are a few ticket sites.

Entry Ticket for Vittala Temple is valid for the Zenana Enclosure (Elephant Stables, Lotus Mahal) for the same day.

Indian citizens and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar) this ticket costs Rs30 per head.

Others nationals entry ticket fee is Rs500. This is the most expensive entry fee for you in Hampi, if you are not from one of the countries above that ASI offers concessional rates.

Children up to 15 years free, in any case.

Other entry and camera fees are very nominal (Rs2, Rs5 etc). See the full list of ticketed sites in Hampi with opening closing hours and Ticket rates.

Camera fee No camera fee is charged for most of the monuments in Hampi. Virupaksha Temple charges Rs 50 for use of still cameras and Rs 500 for movie camera to use inside the temple complex.
Vittala Temple charges Rs 25 for use of video camera inside the campus. See some tips on how to photograph Hampi.

Guide fee Rs50 per monument (@ major ones). About Rs600 for half day and Rs1000 for full day (negotiate rates)

For a single major monument – Rs 50 (for about 30-45 minutes tour) For full day a private guide charges about Rs 1000 . For a half day tour of multiple monuments – Rs 500 to Rs700 .

Contact the tourist info center near the Virupaksha Temple to help you with arranging a guide.

Though not legitimate professional guides, the local auto-rickshaw drivers can ‘guide’ you to various sites in Hampi. You can rent an auto-rickshaw for a full-day to cover main sites for about Rs600 to Rs800.

The rates fall by about 40% during off season (April-September). If you want a DIY tour, see the details on how to make the itinerary for Hampi.

Internet Rs 50 per hour @ internet cafes around Hampi Bazaar. Many guesthouses offer Wifi free of cost. Connections are slow (really slow) & generally the queue is long during the evening hours. So don’t fancy uploading heaps of photos you’ve just taken at Hampi. Bring your pendrive, if needed.

Akash Art Gallery & Bookshop has good collection of guides, maps and other books. They are next to Virupaksha Temple area.

You may download and print a copy of the Hampi map for you here.

The bookstore near Virupaksha stocks a few popular books on Hampi. There is one bookstall inside the Virupaksha temple courtyard too.

The compact tourist guide promoted by the Department of Tourism "Hampi Travel Guide" (ISBN 9788187780175), Rs 150.

The French edition Hampi Vijayanagar : Histoire Et Legendes (ISBN 9782911166174) by Vasundhara Filliozat (Rs 500 ).

New Light on Hampi: Recent Research at Vijayanagara (ISBN 978-8185026534) by John Fitz & George Mitchell (Rs1230).

Reprint of the oldest travel guide (1917 first edition) on Hampi, "Hampi Ruins Described and Illustrated" ( ISBN 81-206-0159-9 ) A.N. Longhurst . (Rs 80).

Reprint of the seminal historical account on the region (First published in 1900), "A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar): A Contribution To The History Of India" (ISBN 978-8184682908) by Robert Sewell (Rs315). Also available free online.

The large coffee table book published by the state archeology department "Hampi: The fabled capital of the Vijayanagara Empire", Rs 540.

A guide on Hampi with some good historical perspective "Hampi A Medieval Metropolis" by S. Settar , Rs 120.

The detailed and colourful guide "HAMPI" (ISBN 9788175083363) by John Fritz & George Michell, Rs 470.

Monumental Legacy series "Hampi" (ISBN 9780195660586) by Anila Verghese. Rs 225 ;

"Hampi" written by D.Devakunjari is the official publication by the Archeological Survey of India.

wHampi Tour Cost and Budget  

..and that smooch by Lakshni, the temple elephant at Virupaksha Temple cost you a rupee!

..and that smooch by Lakshmi, the temple elephant at Virupaksha Temple cost you a rupee!

Bus | Train | Road Trip to Hampi!
..and that smooch by Lakshni, the temple elephant at Virupaksha Temple cost you a rupee!

..and that smooch by Lakshmi, the temple elephant at Virupaksha Temple cost you a rupee!



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