Luxury Hotels:  Hampi has a few for upscale accommodation options.
Hotels near Hampi: From a convenience point Hospet is a the nearest town for Hampi with bus and rail connectivity. See Hotels in Hospet .
Budget Hotels in Hampi:
Hampi village has limited hotels to choose from. Out of the available ones, most of the hotels are of the tiny guest house types with basic facilities.
In other words most of the hotels in Hampi are aimed at the backpacker type visitors who would spend most of the time exploring the ruins and use the hotels as palace to stay overnight and keep their baggage during the day time. They would better fit as guest houses.

Despite the limitations in of hotel choices in Hampi, there is a special charm in staying withing the proximity of Hampi ruins. That's the big plus and reason for popularity for these basic hotels in the vicinity of the ruins.

Broadly Hampi’s hotels are located in two clusters, the river Tunga Bhadra separating them.

The Virupapur Gadde area, often preferred to as the ‘other side’ of Hampi is a laidback location often preferred by those new age hippie genre backpackers. This is also a preferred area for the Bouldering fans beeline to Hampi.

The ones on the Hampi village sides are the most sought after ones. A good number of monuments like the Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Hemakuta Hills etc are at walking distance from the Hampi village, so the popularity.

That’s about the hotel scenario in the Hampi village, the epicenter of Hampi’s tourism.

Some of the popular ones and its locations are listed here.

Hotel Location Type of Hotel
Mowgli Guest House Located in Virupapur Gadde area across the river Budget type accommodation; rooms and cottage options; cottages overlooking paddy fields.
Gopi Guesthouse Located near the Hampi Bazaar area Ideal backpack packer type accommodation.
Padma Guest House Located near the Hampi Bazaar area opposite to Hampi bus stand Comfy home stay type accommodation with decent looking rooms
Shanthi Guesthouse Located in Virupapur Gadde area across the river A popular place among the backpackers. Rooms and cottage options; cottages overlook the paddy fields and boulder hills
Rahul Guest House Located near the Hampi Bazaar area. Opposite to Hampi bus stand Basic backpacker type accommodation. Located across the Hampi Bus stand
Ranjana Guest House Located near the Hampi Bazaar area. Opposite to Hampi bus stand Single and double rooms; Basic homestay type accommodation.
Sudha Guest House Located closer to the Ghat. Behind the Hampi Bazaar area Single with shared bathrooms and double with attached rooms; At a short walk close to the river
Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari Located closer to the Royal Center area of Hampi in Kamalapura Mid range budget hotel operated by the state tourism

And of course there are many more similar ones at Hampi. People tend to walk-in, though advanced reservation is recommended, especially during the peak seasons, around December and also during the Hampi Utsav days.  However there even star rated Luxury Hotels in Hampi . If staying a basic guest house type accommodation is your idea, try one of the upscale or mid range hotels in Hospet Town, those it's about 13km from Hampi village.

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Location of Hampi lodges and guest houses.

Location of Hampi lodges , hotels and guest houses.

Virupapur Gadde (also called Virupapur Gaddi or Hampi Gaddi) is the popular backpacker hideout. A large number of 'guest houses' are located close to the Virupaksha Temple. You need to cross the river for the Virupapur Gaddi area. The Guesthouses near the Virupaksha Temple are however within a walkable distance from the Hampi bus station.


Haripriya Express (Train No: 17415/17416) and Rayalaseema Express (Train No 17429 /17430 ) are a pair of trains that connects Hampi (Hospet Jn) with Hyderabad , Tirupati and C. Shahu Mharaj Terminus (Kholapur ). The route bifurcates at Guntakal Junction.

Amaravati Express

Amaravati Express (Train No.18047 / 18048 ) is a cross-country train that connects east India to the west. That is, Goa (Vasco-da-Gama) in the west coast with Howrah Junction in the east.

This train travels via Hospet Junction, the nearest railway station for Hampi. Those coming from the eastern parts of India to Hampi, this is a suitable train. The train covers its 2155 kilometers (1340 miles) journey in 2 days.


Rent a bicycle at Hampi. They are both fun and efficient way to explore this large ruins site.

Distance to Hampi

Here is a chart of distances to Hampi from various towns and cities in India.There are many direct connections to Hampi (Hospet).


Goa is about 340 km west of Hampi

Goa to Hampi

Goa to Hampi is a very sought after route, however the train connections are few and a bit scattered.Goa to Hampi by Train: If you are looking for a train connection , opt for the Howrah Express (Train No:18048 , Tuesdays,Thursdays,Fridays and Sundays ).This train leaves Vasco Da Gama (VSG) by 7.10 am and reaches Hospet by 14:55 in t...


Hampi on a shoestring

It seems certain words complement each other so well, for example Hampi and shoestring!The very virtue of Hampi supports your idea of a shoestring budget tour of the place.



Hospet (officially Hosapete) is your gateway town to the Hampi ruins.Most of the long distance state operated buses for Hampi terminates at Hospet bus station (KSRTC bus station).So is the Hospet railway station (station code:HPT ).

Hampi Landscape

How to reach Hampi ?

Your gateway town to Hampi is Hospet , bustling town located very close to the Hampi village.
This is the major travel hub from where you can get the travel connections as well as a variety of hotel options.


Hyderabad to Hampi

Hyderabad to Hampi by train:  There are a couple of Express trains connect Hospet with Hyderabad with Hospet.Try Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express (Train No:11303 / 11304) which takes about 12 hours between Hospet and Hyderabad.