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Goa to Hampi is a very sought after route, however the train connections are few and a bit scattered.

Goa to Hampi by Train: If you are looking for a train connection , opt for the Howrah Express (Train No:18048 , Tuesdays,Thursdays,Fridays and Sundays ).This train leaves Vasco Da Gama (VSG) by 7.10 am and reaches Hospet by 14:55 in the afternoon. Get down at Hospet Jn. This is the nearest railway station for Hampi.

Vasco Da Gama -> Madgaon -> Sanverdam Chuch -> Kulem -> Castle Rock -> Londa Jn -> Dharwar -> Hubli Jn -> Gadag Jn -> Koppal -> Hospet Jn (getdown at Hospet for Hampi)

The return train to Vasco da Gama from Hospet (Train No:18047, Amaravati Express) operates on Monday,Wednesday,Thursday and Saturdays. Leaves Hospet at 6.30am and reaches Vasco by 3pm the same day.

Another train option is to travel to Hubli Junction (UBL) from Goa and look for a connection train to Hospet.

Check out if the combination of Vasco-Hubli-Bangalore Express (Train No: 02779) and the Hubli-Hospet-Vijayawada Passenger (Train No:56502) works out for you. It needs midnight train change at Hubli. The good thing is the passenger train too has sleeper (SL) class  coaches that you can reserve in advance. The Vasco-Hubli and Hubli-Hospet ticket costs would be around Rs200 and Rs 100 , both in SL Class.

See the other trains in the Hubli-Hospet-Guntakal route.



Goa to Hampi by Bus: There are also some overnight bus options from Goa to Hospet. Paulo Travels operates daily sleeper bus service from Goa to Hampi. Bus tickets costs approx Rs600.


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One last point between the bus and train journeys between Hampi and Goa. You can enjoy the Western Ghats sights as the train winds its way through forest. You can even spot the Dudhsagar waterfalls on your right. This is where the Mandovi River (the river you've seen in Goa) makes a 310 metres (1017 feet) fall in the thick of the forest. You'll miss this if you travel by bus! You'll miss this sight if you travel by a night train as well!

Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways Map of Karnataka

Railways map of Karnataka showing connectivity to Hampi. See also How to reach Hampi

HampiBangalore to Hampi

Bangalore to Hampi

Take that night train (Hampi Express) to Hospet. Thanks to in convenient schedule, Hampi Express is the most popular choice among travelers from Bangalore to Hampi. Hampi is at a short distance from Hospet. There are a few more train connections for Hampi from Bangalore. If trains are  not an option for... MORE ➜



What this means is a whirlwind excursion would leave you inevitably with that incomplete feeling, though you would feel happy that you went to Hampi. If you are in a position, keep 2½ to 3 days for Hampi, you'll return satisfied. Of course the meaning of satisfaction is relative. For those... MORE ➜

MOREHow to reach Hampi ?

How to reach Hampi ?

There are good road and rail connections from Hospet to a number of major towns and cities around this part of India. Traveling to Hampi by Train:  Some of the long distance express trains pass via Hospet. There are a few passenger trains that connects  Hospet with nearby cities. If you... MORE ➜

BoulderingHampi Hotels

Hampi Hotels

Luxury Hotels:  Hampi has a few for upscale accommodation options. Hotels near Hampi: From a convenience point Hospet is a the nearest town for Hampi with bus and rail connectivity. See Hotels in Hospet . Budget Hotels in Hampi: Hampi village has limited hotels to choose from. Out of the... more ➜

TravelHampi on a shoestring

Hampi on a shoestring

It seems certain words complement each other so well, for example Hampi and shoestring! The very virtue of Hampi supports your idea of a shoestring budget tour of the place. Let’s look at it the other way around. Hampi is more charming and memorable when you explore it in a... more ➜



Kamalapura is a busy small village located at the southern fringe of the Hampi ruins. In fact you will be visiting Kamalapura as some of the major attractions are located here. As you are about to reach Hampi from Hospet, your bus pass through a bund (embankment) with a sprawling... more ➜

Sacred CenterMango Tree restaurant

Mango Tree restaurant

  The Mango Tree restaurant is relocated from its early location (by the riverbanks) to near the Virupaksha Temple.   One of the recommended place to have food. Ask for the direction to Mango Tree. It's now located on the lane adjacent to Hampi Bazaar, near Virupaksha Temple.

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