Garib Nawaz Express (Train No: 16531 / 16532) is a long distance train that links the north, west and south India. This weekly train starts from Ajmer in Rajasthan and terminates at Bangalore city Jn in Karnataka. Garib Nawaz Express covers about 2300 kilometers (1430 miles) in two days and two nights journey.

As far as Hampi is concerned , Garib Nawaz Express the one of the two trains ( other train is The Bangalore-Jodhpur Express / Train No 16534) that connects it with the northern India and major cities western Indian cities like Mumbai and Pune. If you are opting for Garib Nawaz Express to travel to Hampi , book your destination as Hospet . This is the nearest railway station for Hampi. From Hospet the Hampi ruins is about 12 kilometers away.

See the routes, timings and days of availability at various stations of Garib Nawaz Express in the time tables attached below.

You have 4 options to chose from, the Second AC (2AC), Third AC (3AC), Sleeper Class (SL) and the General Class (unreserved) in that order of luxury.

Those traveling from Mumbai or Pune to Hampi Garib Nawaz Express is a good option. From Bangalore to Hampi, you have a few more train options, like the Hampi Express.

Station Name (code) Arrival Departure Days
1 Bangalore Cy Junction (SBC) --- 17:00 Fri
2 Yesvantpur Junction (YPR) 17:15 17:20Fri
3 Dharmavaram Junction (DMM) 20:40 20:45Fri
4 Anantapur (ATP) 21:23 21:25 Fri
5 Guntakal Junction (GTL) 23:50 23:55Fri
6 Bellary Junction (BAY) 01:30 01:35Sat
7 Hospet Junction (HPT) for HAMPI 02:55 03:00Sat
8 Koppal (KBL) 03:39 03:40Sat
9 Gadag Junction (GDG) 04:50 04:52 Sat
10 Hubli Junction (UBL) 06:25 06:35Sat
11 Dharwar (DWR) 06:59 07:00 Sat
12 Londa Junction (LD) 08:23 08:25Sat
13 Belgaum (BGM) 09:35 09:40Sat
14 Miraj Junction (MRJ) 12:40 12:45 Sat
15 Sangli (SLI) 12:57 13:00 Sat
16 Karad (KRD) 13:59 14:00 Sat
17 Satara (STR) 15:00 15:03 Sat
18 Pune Junction (PUNE) 18:40 18:50 Sat
19 Lonavala (LNL) 19:58 20:00 Sat
20 Kalyan Junction (KYN) 21:27 21:30Sat
21 Bhiwandi Road (BIRD) 22:09 22:10 Sat
22 Vasai Road (BSR) 22:50 22:55Sat
23 Vapi (VAPI) 00:49 00:50 Sun
24 Valsad (BL) 01:15 01:16 Sun
25 Surat (ST) 02:45 02:55 Sun
26 Vadodara Junction (BRC) 04:51 05:01 Sun
27 Anand Junction (ANND) 05:34 05:35 Sun
28 Nadiad Junction (ND) 05:51 05:52Sun
29 Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) 06:50 07:05Sun
30 Mahesana Junction (MSH) 09:19 09:20Sun
31 Palanpur Junction (PNU) 10:49 10:50 Sun
32 Abu Road (ABR) 11:45 11:55 Sun
33 Falna (FA) 13:27 13:28 Sun
34 Marwar Junction (MJ) 14:30 14:32Sun
35 Beawar (BER) 16:24 16:25Sun
36 Ajmer Junction (AII) 17:30 ---Sun

Station NameArrivalDeparture Days
1 Ajmer Jn --- 05.35 Tue
2 Beawar 06.17 06.19 Tue
3 Marwar Jn 07.43 07.45 Tue
4 Falna 08.35 08.37 Tue
5 Abu Road 10.06 10.25 Tue
6 Palanpur Jn 11.48 11.50 Tue
7 Mahesana Jn 13.05 13.07 Tue
8 Ahmedabad Jn 14.30 14.50 Tue
9 Nadiad Jn 15.41 15.43 Tue
10 Anand Jn 16.01 16.03 Tue
11 Vadodara Jn 16.45 16.55 Tue
12 Surat 19.05 19.15 Tue
13 Valsad 20.23 20.25 Tue
14 Vapi 20.49 20.51 Tue
15 Vasai Road 23.35 23.45 Tue
16 Bhivandi Road 00.11 00.13 Wed
17 Kalyan Jn 01.02 01.05Wed
18 Karjat 01.58 02.00Wed
19 Lonavla 02.43 02.45Wed
20 Pune Jn 04.10 04.20Wed
21 Satara 07.10 07.13Wed
22 Karad 08.08 08.10Wed
23 Sangli 09.27 09.30Wed
24 Miraj Jn 10.30 10.35Wed
25 Belgaum 13.25 13.30Wed
26 Londa Jn 14.15 14.17Wed
27 Dharwad 15.53 15.55Wed
28 Hubli Jn 16.45 16.55Wed
29 Gadag Jn 17.53 17.55Wed
30 Hospet Jn (for HAMPI) 19.30 19.35Wed
31 Bellary Jn 21.15 21.20Wed
32 Guntakal Jn 22.15 22.20Wed
33 Anantapur 23.48 23.50Wed
34 Dharmavaram Jn 00.54 01.00Thu
35 Yesvantpur Jn 04.20 04.25Thu
36 Bangalore City Jn04.45---Thu

Garib Nawaz Express is attached with the ac sleeper coaches - 2AC and 3AC .

Bulk of the train is the Sleeper Class (SL) . A few compartments are attached for the unreserved passengers (Second Class) and the break van for the heavy luggage.

Garib Nawaz Express traces a north-south path along the western side of India from Ajmer to Londa near Goa. Then the train turns eastward to Guntakal passing via Hospet . From Guntakal Garib Nawaz Express head southwards to Bangalore.

Garib Nawaz Express connects some of the large cities in the western India like Ahmedabad , Vadodara (Baroda) , Mumbai (Kalyan Jn) and Pune.

If you are Goa bound or coming from Goa to Hampi , this train is an option to consider to access Hampi. The only thing is you will have to find a means to travel from Londa Jn to Madgaon ( Vasco da Gamma) . See also Goa to Hampi for other travel alternatives between Goa and Hampi.

A small piece of info about Ajmer from where the Garib Nawaz Express starts. The train is named after Sufi scholar and saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty more popularly Khwaja Gharib Nawaz whose dargah (shrine) is located in Ajmer. This is an important Muslim pilgrimage place in India. The desert town Pushkar - famous for its annual Camel Fair - is located close to Ajmer. Those who are on weeks long India sojourn, take note!

The train timings could change over time. This timetable is updated in August 2015. Please check with the indian Railways official website for updated schedules. Also use for doing adcance reservation.


Garib Nawaz Express route map . Garib Nawaz Express (Train Number 15716) connects Hampi with many Western and Northern cities.

Ajmer Junction (AII) - Marwar Junction (MJ) - Falna (FA) - Abu Road (ABR) - Palanpur Junction (PNU) - Mahesana Junction (MSH) - Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) - Nadiad Junction (ND) - Anand Junction (ANND) - Vadodara Junction (BRC) - Surat (ST) - Valsad (BL) - Vapi (VAPI)- Vasai Road (BSR) - Bhiwandi Road (BIRD) - Kalyan Junction (KYN) - Karjat (KJT) - Lonavala (LNL) - Pune Junction (PUNE) - Satara (STR) - Karad (KRD) - Sangli (SLI)- Miraj Junction (MRJ)- Belgaum (BGM) - Londa Junction (LD) - Dharwar (DWR) - Hubli Junction (UBL) - Gadag Junction (GDG) - Hospet Junction (HPT) - Bellary Junction (BAY) - Guntakal Junction (GTL) - Anantapur (ATP) - Dharmavaram Junction (DMM) - Yesvantpur Junction (YPR) - Bangalore City Junction (SBC)


Cauvery Express or Kaveri Express ( Train No: 6222 / 6221 ) is a long distance train that links the capitals ( Bengaluru and Chennai ) of two south Indian States, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This No. 6222 express train starts from Chennai Central and terminates at Mysore in Karnataka (via Bangalore) . The down train No 6221 travels in the reverse direction. The pair operates daily. Usually the trains are packed, especially during the weekends . So an advanced reservation is highly desirable, as the seat / berth availability is an issue if not reserved well in advance

Chennai to Hampi

There are no direct trains from Chennai to Hospet ( for Hampi).However if you are willing to split your journey there are some feasible connections.


Hampi Express in Hospet Railway Station

Hampi Express

Hampi Express is a greatly popular travel option for those traveling between Bangalore/ Mysore and Hampi.There are quite a few reasons for its popularity.


Amaravati Express

Amaravati Express (Train No.18047 / 18048 ) is a cross-country train that connects east India to the west. That is, Goa (Vasco-da-Gama) in the west coast with Howrah Junction in the east.

This train travels via Hospet Junction, the nearest railway station for Hampi. Those coming from the eastern parts of India to Hampi, this is a suitable train. The train covers its 2155 kilometers (1340 miles) journey in 2 days.


Hotels and Lodges in Hampi

And finally you've arrived at Hampi!In all probability you've taken that 30 minutes local bus from Hospet to Hampi.


Hotels in Hospet

Hospet is the gateway town to Hampi with bus and rail connections.It's ideal to stay in one of those Hampi guesthouses or lodges located in and around the Hampi Village.


Hampi Landscape

How to reach Hampi ?

Your gateway town to Hampi is Hospet , bustling town located very close to the Hampi village.
This is the major travel hub from where you can get the travel connections as well as a variety of hotel options.


Delhi to Hampi

New Delhi is about 2000 km (over 1200 miles) north of Hampi.There are two broad options to travel from Delhi to Hampi : by Flight and Train.