Facilities in Hampi

Facilities in Hampi

Though Hampi is an important tourist destination the facilities available at the site are basic. But you can practically find the services one would require normally in a 3-4 days stay.

Telephone: In Hampi you can spot a number of public telephone booths in the Hampi Bazaar area. So is like other local areas like Kamalapura & Anegondi squares. Generally they are attached to one of those tiny shops selling the general provisions. Look for those yellow signboards with STD/ISD (Subscriber Trunk Dial/ International Subscriber Dial). Calls are metered and pay directly to shopkeeper per the printout. No need to buy any calling cards.

Cell phone connectivity varies with the operators and the areas within Hampi. But Hampi is yet to be fully covered with cell phone connectivity.

See a detailed page on mobile phone and Calling Card in India.

Money Change: A bank branch (Canara Bank) is located at the main entrance to the bazaar area (11am to 2pm, Saturday up to 12.30 pm, Wednesday holiday). The bank is just on your right side as you enter the Hampi Bazaar from the Hampi Bus stand.

Hampi doesn’t have any ATMs. It’s sensible draw the required cash from the ATMs at Hospet before you head for Hampi. Hospet has about half a dozen ATMs operated by various banks. You can spot some near the main bus station and also on the main road that connects the bus station to the railway station.

Most of them accept the standard credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus etc). So is about Bellari, the other major town near to Hampi.

Also are the numerous shops in the Hampi Bazaar area spotting boards like ‘Cash advance with your credit card’.

Post Office: Hampi’s Post Office (PIN code 583239) is located just next to the Virupaksha Temple. Facing the main entrance tower of the temple, take the left-hand narrow lane. The post office is just a few steps away. On the right hand side you can see the post office with its roof beautifully covered with a sort of flowering creeper.

The letters posted here get a special cancellation mark with the image of the stone chariot at Vittala Temple.

Another post office (PIN Code 583227) is located at Anegondi, across the river. Go inside the Ranganata Temple compound overlooking the Anegondi village square. The post office functions in one of the ancient buildings attached to the temple.

Book Stall: Hampi Bazaar area has a couple of bookshops. Do not expect any great collections other that a dozen or so popular books on Hampi. Typically the ones for sale include a few travel guides on Hampi, maps and a couple of books on Vijayanagara’s history, plus the postcards of course.

You can find the main bookstall in Hampi just outside the Virupaksha temple. The Tourist info centre & the museum at Kamalapur too sell the travel guide.

Also you are likely to be approached by many booksellers who carry a couple of copies books, maps and postcards on sale.

General stores: There are numerous tiny shops at Hampi Bazaar & Kamalapura that sells the daily essentials. The items like toiletry can be bought from the local shops (opens at 7 am). Keep in mind most of the guesthouse accommodations here are basic and operate on a BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper!) basis. These shops are helpful as they sell essentials like these at reasonable price.

Medical Stores: Hampi has a few medical stores. Bring your prescriptions. Alternatively if you know the medicines’ name just ask at the counter. The common medicines are typically sold over the counter with or without prescriptions.

Internet & Email: Hampi is not famous for its fast Internet connectivity. Dialup connections are terribly slow and you may be able to use your email. There are a few Internet cafes in the area around the Virupaksha Temple.

Most of these cafes offer ancillary services like downloading images from your digital camera & CD Writing. Typically the browsing rate is Rs15 for 15 minutes. Evenings are usually packed, and hence a bit slower too.

For about Rs60-100 you can download your images and get it written on a CD (get 2 copies burned, if you are skeptical).

Almost all the Internet cafes offer a good collection of music CDs with the special ‘copying service’!

Travel Agents: Like in any such tourist spots in India Hampi too have a number of travel agents with varying level of reputation & efficiency. Hampi is not the best place to book for your major journeys . Rather opt to do it at any of the major towns from where you’ve arrived at Hampi.

In some cases you may require to book seats locally on arrival. For example an onward bus journey reservation from Hospet. Do these at Hospet itself if possible.

If you don’t prefer to go to Hospet enquire with many agents before finalising. Practically all these agents are located at the Hampi Bazaar area.

KSRTC (the state run buses) offers reservation facility at the Hospet bus station itself. Enquire and book tickets for your onward journey on your arrival at Hospet, before proceeding to Hampi.

Rail ticket booking Hospet Railway station has a reservation counter (on weekdays: 8 AM - 8 PM, on Sundays: 8 AM - 2 PM ). Also there are a number of agents at Hospet, mostly located near the bus station.

As an alternate for the counter reservation, you can book the train tickets online using internet & print your tickets all by yourself. Use the Indian Railway's website www.irctc.co.in . A small free registration is required. You may book tickets up to 60 days in advance.

The online reservation system too works in time with the regular reservation counter working times. This is to put the people who book at the counters and those who book online at the same advantage. So if you are booking online from abroad, keep an eye on the Indian reservation counter working time. Nevertheless you can check online the seat availability, reservation status, train schedules etc 24 hours . Use www.indianrail.gov.in

Clock Rooms: There are two clock rooms at Hospet where you can store your heavy luggage for a nominal charge. The first one is at the Railway station and the second one inside the KSRTC Bus station. The Railway station clock room requires you to produce the onward journey reservation ticket to store your luggage there. Also you are expected to lock the luggage as a prerequisite.

Tourist Information Centre This state run tourist info office is located at Hampi Bazaar. You can approach this office for general enquiry free of cost. They can even arrange you the service of local tour guides. After entering the Hampi Bazaar from the bus stand walk towards the Virupaksha Temple, this office appears on your right side.

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