New Delhi is about 2000 km (over 1200 miles) north of Hampi. There are two broad options to travel from Delhi to Hampi : by Flight and Train.

Well, there are no direct flight or train to Hampi. In both the cases you'll need to aim for the nearest cities for further connections.

Let's see the train option first. Karnataka Express (Train No : 12628) connects New Delhi with Bangalore. This train travels via Guntakal Jn (GTL) from where you can get another train to Hospet Jn (HPT), the nearest railway station for Hampi. From hospet take a local bus/auto rickshaw/taxi to Hampi (about 13 km).

Karnataka Express scheduled arrival at Guntakal is 6.40 AM, after two nights and a day's travel from Delhi. There are many connections from Guntakal to Hospet. The ideal connection train would be the Kolhapur bound Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express ( Train No:11303) . The scheduled departure of this train from Guntakal is 7.50 am. There is a 50 minute gap between the arrival of Karnataka Express and the Kolhapur Express.

Also keep in mind if the delay in arrival of Karnataka Express is more than 50 min, you would miss this connection. There are are other trains too to Hospet in the afternoon from Guntakal to Hospet.

If everything goes well on schedule, you'll leave New Delhi in the night by Karnataka Express. Arrives at Guntakal on the 2nd day morning and at Hampi by noon.

Now you've a good deal of the afternoon to explore a bit of relaxed evening sights at Hampi (like the sunset view, walk along the Ghat, Visit Virupaksha Temple and the Hampi Bazaar environs ) or may take rest for a full fledged exploration next day. That's about the Karnataka Express+Kolhapur Express combo to travel to Hampi from Delhi.

Other than Karnataka Express there are host of weekly and biweekly trains towards Bangalore from Delhi. But all do not follow the same route of Karnataka Express.

Another option is to take one of the Hyderabad bound train, and take a direct train from Hyderabad to Hospet. Also see how to travel in and out of Hampi from other cities in India.

Another alternative is to fly directly to Bangalore or Hyderabad from Delhi (there are over 20 daily flights).From Bangalore travel to Hampi by Hampi Express or even by bus. It's 3 hours flight between Bangalore and Delhi, and overnight journey by train to Hampi (Hospet) from Bangalore.

By the way if you arrive at Hospet by one the odd hours train (late in the night), you may want to check in at a Hospet hotel than traveling to Hampi in the midnight. You have the option to keep the base at Haspet for the rest of you stay, or move base to one of the Hampi's hotels, next day morning.

From Hospet explore the train options based on your onward itinerary. Hospet Jn sits in the middle of the Hubli-Guntakal route with many long distance trains passing through it. See also how to travel in and out of Hampi from other cities around this part of India.

Delhi to Hampi Train Routes

Delhi to Hampi Train and Flight routes. There are no direct connections to Hampi from Delhi. Travel to one of the nearby cities and get a train connection to Hospet.

Delhi to Hampi Train and Flight routes. There are no direct connections to Hampi from Delhi. Travel to one of the nearby cities and get a train connection to Hospet.


Cauvery Express or Kaveri Express ( Train No: 6222 / 6221 ) is a long distance train that links the capitals ( Bengaluru and Chennai ) of two south Indian States, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This No. 6222 express train starts from Chennai Central and terminates at Mysore in Karnataka (via Bangalore) . The down train No 6221 travels in the reverse direction. The pair operates daily. Usually the trains are packed, especially during the weekends . So an advanced reservation is highly desirable, as the seat / berth availability is an issue if not reserved well in advance

Chennai to Hampi

There are no direct trains from Chennai to Hospet ( for Hampi).However if you are willing to split your journey there are some feasible connections.


Garib Nawaz Express

Garib Nawaz Express (Train No: 16531 / 16532) is a long distance train that links the north, west and south India.This weekly train starts from Ajmer in Rajasthan and terminates at Bangalore city Jn in Karnataka.


Hampi Express in Hospet Railway Station

Hampi Express

Hampi Express is a greatly popular travel option for those traveling between Bangalore/ Mysore and Hampi.There are quite a few reasons for its popularity.


Amaravati Express

Amaravati Express (Train No.18047 / 18048 ) is a cross-country train that connects east India to the west. That is, Goa (Vasco-da-Gama) in the west coast with Howrah Junction in the east.

This train travels via Hospet Junction, the nearest railway station for Hampi. Those coming from the eastern parts of India to Hampi, this is a suitable train. The train covers its 2155 kilometers (1340 miles) journey in 2 days.


Hotels and Lodges in Hampi

And finally you've arrived at Hampi!In all probability you've taken that 30 minutes local bus from Hospet to Hampi.


Hotels in Hospet

Hospet is the gateway town to Hampi with bus and rail connections.It's ideal to stay in one of those Hampi guesthouses or lodges located in and around the Hampi Village.


Hampi Landscape

How to reach Hampi ?

Your gateway town to Hampi is Hospet , bustling town located very close to the Hampi village.
This is the major travel hub from where you can get the travel connections as well as a variety of hotel options.