Bangalore to Hampi by Train

Bangalore to Hampi by Train

There are 5 trains to Hampi (Hospet), from Bangalore. Two of them are daily trains: Hampi Express and the Hospet Passenger.

The other 3 are weekly express trains passes via Hospet. For the simplicity of the time table here, all timings are listed only from the Bangalore City Jn (SBC) station. Most of the trains has other stops as well in Bangalore (like Bangalore Cantt, Yashwantpur, Yelahanka etc). Check the detailed timetable of each trains to see other stops in Bangalore.

Mysore-Sainagar Shirdi Express connects Hospet from Bangalore on every Mondays, Garib Nawaz on Fridays and Jodhpur Express on Sundays.

Also note, the Bangalore Hospet Fast Passenger train has a sleeper class, where you can reserve berth in advance.

Train No Train Name Departure (Bangalore Jn) Arrival (Hospet) Travel Time (H.m)Class Days


Mysore-Sainagar Shirdi Express08.1516.5508.402A 3A SL Mon
16532 Garib Nawaz Express17.0002.5509.552A 3A SL Fri
16534 Bangalore Jodhpur Express17.0002.5509.552A 3A SL Sun
16592 Hampi Express22.0007.1009.101A 2A 3A SL Daily
56909 Hospet Passenger22.1511.4013.25SLDaily

Train No Train Name Departure (Hospet) Arrival (Bangalore Jn) Travel Time (H.m)Class Days
56910 Hospet-Bangalore Fast Passenger 13.30 05.15 15.45 SL Daily
16218 Sainagar-Mysore Express 17.55 03.15 09.201A 2A 3A SL Wed
16533 Jodhpur Bangalore 19.35 04.45 09.10 2A 3A SL Thu
16531 Garib Nawaz Express 19.35 04.45 09.102A 3A SL Tue
16591 Hampi Express 21.05 06.10 09.051A 2A 3A SL Daily

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