Bangalore to Hampi

Bangalore to Hampi

This is for the folks from Bangalore who are chewing over a trip Hampi.

Take that overnight train (Hampi Express) to Hospet Junction, there is no better way than than to reach Hampi!

Thanks to in convenient schedule, Hampi Express is the most popular choice among travelers from Bangalore to Hampi (..and overbooked too!).

It's a 9 hours journey from Bangalore Jn (SBC) to Hospet Jn (HPT). Hampi is further 30min local bus/taxi ride from Hospet.

There are a few more train connections for Hampi from Bangalore.

Bangalore to Hampi by bus

If trains are  not an option for you, try KSRTC. They operate many daily services - both AC and non-ac types. Also there are other private operators who run daily trips to Hospet from Bangalore.

Whether you opt for bus or train, try reserve your tickets as early as possible. This is a very busy route, especially during the holiday seasons. Both the bus and train take you to Hospet town, which is about 13 km (8 miles) from Hampi.

From Hospet town to Hampi you can either take an auto-rickshaw or catch the local bus (every 30 minutes) from the KSRTC bus station.

Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip

Take the NH48 (old NH4/ also called Tumkur Road) out of Bangalore. Bangalore to Chitradurga you will be using the NH48 (old NH4). From Chitradurga bypass take the NH50 for Hospet. And then drive 13km to Hampi from Hospet. It's a 6 to 7 hours drive from Bangalore.

See Hampi from Bangalore for route maps, road conditions and driving directions.

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