Hampi's attractions are clustered across many zones and villages. Typically a few miles apart, all of them are connected by road and at places by the local ferries.

The Sacred Centre: As the name suggests this is the religious area of Hampi. A number of temples and other religious structures are located here. This is roughly the area around where the Hampi's local bus stand is located.

Some of the oldest functioning temples in India are located in this part of Hampi. Also this is the bustling centre where the pilgrims and the backpackers camp. The river (Tungabhadra) marks the northern boundary of the Sacred Centre. The local coracle ferry services give you access to places like Virupapur Gadde and Anegondi located across the river. In most cases tourists start their Hampi tour from Sacred Centre.


The Royal Centre: This is an area generally populated with the courtly and military structures. Royal Center was the citadel of the Vijayanagara capital. Currently many winding dirt paths connect various enclosures and other structures in this location. A number of highlights in Hampi tour are located in this area. The main road to Hampi from Hospet in fact passes through the Royal Centre before terminating at the Sacred Centre. Some of the important structures in this area includes the Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables, Royal Enclosure, Hazara Rama Temple and the Queen’s Bath.

The Islamic Quarter: This is believed to be the residential area of the Muslim officers in Vijayanagara court and army.

The road that connects Kamalapura to the Vittala Temple passes though the heart of this area. You can see the remains of many tombs and other religious structure in this area. For example the Ahmed Khan’s Mosque & Tomb and the well nearby.

Kamalapura: This is a tiny but crowded suburb located just outside Hampi proper. Kamalapura houses a number of interesting monuments like the Pattabhirama Temple and the domed gateway. Also the Archeology museum is located at the heart of this place. The state run hotel, one of the few ‘luxury’ facilities in Hampi, is located at the edge of Kamalapura. You may in any case be passing through Kamalapura as it is a main junction from where many roads branches to various locations in Hampi.

Anegondi: This had been the original capital of the kingdom long before its founder chiefs made Hampi as their imperial capital. You need to cross the river at some point to reach Anegondi from Hampi side. At the core of Anegondi is the bustling village square. Many important sites in Hampi are located in Anegondi. For example the Hanuman temple on the hilltop and the Ranganata Temple at the village square are highly sough after by tourists and pilgrims alike. Also this is the laidback area of Hampi (that is even in Hampi’s rural standards). The riverside areas towards the west of the village square are the main ‘huts for rental’ scene. A few resort like places Hampi boast of are too located about this locality.

Hampi Ruins map

Map show the location of various monuments in Hampi

Map show the location of various monuments in Hampi


Gods of Hampi

Lord Virupaksha may be presiding deity of Hampi, but the monkey warrior Hanuman steals the limelight.  Hampi presents a typical cross-section of the religious moorings of India.Hindu icons with its pantheon of gods dominate this vast site.


Tonga (pony cart) is a popular way to travel between the Hampi Bazaar - Royal Center - Vittala Temple route.

Hampi in a nutshell

What is Hampi?Hampi ( a.k.a Humpi or Hampe ) is both a historic & religious place in India.


Hampi Landscape

History of Vijayanagara

As you skim towards the older portions of Hampi’s history, it appears as if history often gives way to folklore and then deftly glides into to mythology .The typical version Hampi’s history starts with a popular folklore.


Life in Hampi

Well, this is about the life in Hampi.Discounting the tourism driven enterprises around the Hampi's attractions, Hampi and its surroundings are largely agrarian.


Ramayana in Hampi

Hampi has a phenomenal number of attractions believed to be associated with Ramayana, the Hindu epic.


Hampi Photos

Hampi photo gallery.


Lotus Mahal

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